• Dhark sits behind Nate and Angelle staring down the hallway at Fox wondering what the hunter lookes like.
    "Yo, googles dont worry noone gets past Fox.", Nate says quietly. Dhark glares at Nate angrily.....now he has a reputation here.
    Angelle laughs lightly at his nickname and whispers, "Yeah, Fox is the newest and strongest of our Generals....so dont worry."
    Dhark looks up at them both of them and sighs...... but is interupted by a dangerous chill which runs up his spine like a bolt of electricity up a dead body that doctors are trying to revive. He looks back to see a snowman like mask staring him in the eyes with a pair of claws to match reaching back ready to stab Dhark's chest, ready for his "new" blood to run down their metal blades. Dhark flinches prepared to brace for his second brush with death.

    Dhark stays still for about five seconds but looks up to see Fox's hand around the hunter's wrist....maybe about 2 centimeters from his face. Nate and Angelle fall down as they look back at Fox and the hunter.
    "Damn Fox you faster already", Nate mumbles. Angelle nods in agreement.
    "How did you move that fast you're just a normal vampire?", the hunter says lowly at Fox.
    "Same way you can be a hunter and have claws and a carrot nose "Frosty", Fox replies. Nate laughs a little as Fox lets go of the hunter's hand and spins around and backhands him, sending him flying.
    "Heh told ya,.....no one gets past Fox", Nate mumbles.
    "Ya hes got the essence of the flash, allowing him to move at a sunlight like pace to seem like hes teleporting", Angelle explains.
    "The hells an essence", Dhark asks.
    "An essence is the source of a vampire's power which allows him to do paranormal things that normal people might consider miracles."
    "Yeah yo, and theres a prophecy that says that there are 3 chosen vampires whose essence is part of something called innocence which magnifies their powers and gives the controller a surge of energy.", Nate explains as Fox disappears and reappears behind the hunter and punches him into a wall.
    "So let me guess Fox is one of the chosen ones?"
    "No but his essence is strong enough to he could be selected as a Grand General, or our ultimate warriors which are more of a last resort."
    "There are twenty one in all, Fox included, which have been with us since the dawn of our evolution and the birth of manknid. We've been here in major history events, but you'll never read or hear about it."
    Dhark looks up at Nate, "Never would have thought you'd be the smart one."
    "Yo, shut the hell up googles!"

    Fox walks up to the group with the hunter on his shoulder, "Hey, Nate and Angelle take this guy to our interigation unit ok?" Nate takes the hunter away and gestures for Angelle to follow him. "Bye Dhark!!"
    Fox grabs Dhark's shoulder and pulls him down the hall and waves to the two. "OK now I finally get you to the Generals."
    "Yeah finally."
    "So googles when we get there just be quiet and let me do the talkin k."
    It was about five minutes after that when the came to a giant door with moans coming out of it. Fox opens the door, but to Dhark's surprise the room is pure black with the only light is twenty one lights under thrones with twenty people in black robes.
    "SO FOX IS THIS THE BOY YOU PROMISED TO BRING US!!!", booms a giant voice that makes Dhark's ears bleed a little. "Yes it is lord Thirteen."
    A demonic laughter flies across the room, "SO YOU REFERE TO ME AS A YOUR SUPERIOR NOW EH????!! WELL YOU SHOULD SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR OUR NEW APOSTLE. SO SHOW US YOUR ESSENCE YOUNG ONE!!!", the voice yells as small black hands grab Dhark's body and pulls him off the platform they were standing on. Dhark looks down to see a gargoyle statue which the hands came out of. "What the hell is th-", Dhark says as the hands rip into Dhark's body and feel around inside him. He yells as blood seeps out of his new scars and his blood runs down into the statue. The statue's eyes glow black and a stone comes out it's mouth.
    "Will you guys please stop argueing", Fox mumbles.
    the stone runs down to Dhark's body and evaporates into Dhark's respiratory system enveloping his body as he slowly opens his eyes and is lifted up to the platform.
    "It seems as though you've got an unknown essence Dhark."
    "Alright I guess I'll do it .....again", Fox mumbles.

    Fox and Dhark walk out of the room and Will And Maddie walk up to them.
    "Hey Dharky how you've been", Maddie says happily.
    "Well as you see, ... I've been kinda ripped into so ok I guess."
    "Oh and I dig the emo make-up look, really suits you."
    "The hell you talkin bout?", Dhark says as he looks into a mirror to black lines running down his eyes.
    "Yeah it really suits you googles.", Will says.
    "Shut the hell you sorry piece o-"
    "Ok lets get you to the unit cause I dont want this to be like last time.", Fox says annoyed.
    Dhark and everyone walk down the hall for about five minutes when they reach a door with the word "Analyzation" written in blood. Everyone gulps.
    "Well get in there kid", Fox says kicking Dhark through the door. Dhark lands face first through the door and looks up to see a man in a white cloak.
    "Dont worry kid, I guess your the new guy and wants me to analyze you so ..... this is only hurt a lot." The man gets out a drill and lazer, the next part is just too violent and terrible for your viewing pleasure. Dhark walks out of the door holding a peice of paper. Fox takes it from him.
    "So it's the Essence of Darkness is it, and it says you can manipulate well .... darkness."
    "Oh thats neat.", Maddie says
    "Oh yeah wonderful", Will whines.
    "I guess I should get you to the squad/mission assignment", Fox whines.
    As the Maddie holds Dhark's hand pulling him along as she skips down the hall with Fox and Will Dhark thinks, "Great another place."