• "Lyla, you get down here now"! My father shouted, I quickly put on a shirts and pair of pants and checked the time, it was three in the morning he was going to work and I had forgotten to cook breakfast again. I ran downstairs as fast as I could and ran right past my father to the kitchen and grabbed some pots and pans. "It's too late now Lyla you should have gotten up earlier and your teacher wounder why your so tired in school your a lazy little brat"! My father yelled in my face. "I'm sorry", I mumbled then went to the stairs. "Where do you think your going"? He asked me pulling me by my hair, I let out a little scream as my sister Lola came running down the stairs. "Daddy no don't hurt big sister"! She yelled. "Shut up now or your going to get spankings with the belt too"! He yelled and Lola chewed on her lip. I looked her in the eye and mouthed the words, run. Lola went straight back up stairs as my father took off his belt and began hitting me. I tried as best as I could not to scream but sometimes loud whimpers escaped and Lola would come running to the stairs again. "You gonna wake up on time tomorrow"?! He yelled at me, the smell of pot and alcohol coming out strongly in his breath. "Yes", I barely whispered. Then he dropped me to the floor where I laid until he left for work. Lola ran to my side as soon as he was out the door. "Lyla"! She cried out in fear. "I'm fine, but we need to go this time, he's getting more drunk by the day", I said rushing Lola upstairs and having her pack lightly. "But what if father calls the police on us"? Lola asked. I held out my arm with blue and purple marks all over it. "He would be calling the police on himself if he did so", I said packing my things. I left one thing of mine for the police to see if they investigated the house, my diary of everything he did to Lola and I.

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