• Love, sorrow, when does it end?
    Love starts as friendship, binding two souls closer together
    then a relationship forms, burning the candle of love
    Not all candles are immortal, some die
    and when they do, sorrow returns to visit
    Nothing but loss, and despair, Knowing you've lost half your soul
    the worst part. every time your candle dies, so does your soul

    Pain, Joy, what for?
    Pain in a sense is Joy, for others
    What hurts you most may please another
    Your broken heart in slow repair
    only to have the fragile shards destroyed by the darkness

    The darkness seems so inviting.
    "Come..." it calls, "Come into a true promised land!"
    Sure enough you fall into its clutches and damnation is yours
    A bleak light shines from the darkness
    You sprint towards it, but can you make it?