Chapter 5 - Thinking about the Sage Trinity

    *At the resistance flying fortress the Kakarott...........*

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    Phenox= Captain Kay! We got the report from the Pillar of Autumn of the mine investigation.

    Kay= So soon? I wonder why?

    Phenox= The entire team was ambushed by galleon mechanloids formerly owned by Slither inc. It appears that there was almost a casualty in the incident.

    Kay= WHAT!?

    Phenox= Jack was injured in the investigation and was badly wounded.

    Kay= I want to contact the Pillar of Autumn immediately!

    Phenox= Yes ma'am.

    *the screen activated and the Pillar made contact.... Phil was on the screen....*

    Phil (radio)= This is the Pillar of Autumn, captain Phil speaking.

    Kay= Phil? Thank goodness your alright.

    Phil (radio)= Oh thanks. We got attacked by a bunch of mavericks on the way....

    Kay= I read the report. How is Jack? Is he alright?

    Phil (radio)= He's fine now. Looks like we had to remodel him like we did with Rad.

    Kay= What about the investigation?

    Phil (radio)= It didn't go so well. Looks like the workers were either scarred or ran off by space pirates. We believe some were even captured. We also believe that there were some scraps of Model W's arround. I bet that's what they all were after.

    Kay= As I feared. The space pirates are looking for Model W's too. But what puzzles me is for what reason?

    Phil (radio)= Who knows Kay, those bloody space pirate bastards probably need it for there experiments. Back when I was with Kaolla in the Tardis when we were with Prairie, we came across one of John's collected logs about the pirates. I'll send you some to read over. Is that ok?

    Kay= That's fine with me. Can I speak with Jack?

    Phil (radio)= Sure. Jack mate, Kay wants to talk to you.

    Jack (radio)= Kay love, how are you?

    Kay= Jack, I hope you were alright. You had me worried. I heard you were badly wounded.

    Jack (radio)= Just a bit of bad luck I guess.

    Kay= So that's your new look? I see your wearing Phil's colors now.

    *Phil chuckles*

    Jack (radio)= Yep. I feel stronger too.

    Kay= Dont push yourself too hard ok?

    Kaolla (radio)= Haloooooo!!

    Kay= Oh, Kaolla. How are you today? Dispite of what happened...

    Kaolla (radio)= Everything is top shape and ok. Someone said to send you a copy of space pirate logs? I'll send them to you straight away! WHEEEEEEEE!!

    Jack (radio)= Kaolla..... nothing seems to dampen her spirits.

    Phil (radio)= Man I wish we all could be like her. She also helped patch you up.

    Jack (radio)= Really?

    Phenox= Miss Kay, im recieveing a file from the Pillar of Autumn. It appears to be some sort of collected logs from ...... logs of space pirates.

    Kay= Send that file to my office immediately, I will read them when I have time. I like to check those out, they may seem interesting.

    Phil (radio)= Kaolla sure is good with this stuff. Even I cant send files that big so fast.

    Kay= Kaolla's got a specal gift. Shinobu's good with cooking and handling, Nyamo's good with animals and plants. John's great with magic and many other abilities, Brocks exelent with programing, Maggie is great with concepts. Im so honored to have friends like you.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile......... in Giga City......... in the main office......*

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    Dr. Wily= Any sighn of that meddler?

    Police reploid= We spotted him in the forest area, but we were attacked by some nasty looking aliens, but the reports say that this "John" suspect saved a few of our men in action.

    Dr. Wily= Aliens huh? And he said the suspect saved a few of your men?

    Police reploid= Yes sir.

    Dr. Wily= Nah, he probably needed you to recover you in his needs to get away. He did steal from our storages you know? He stole our force metal, remember? He's still a sneaky thief. And remember he's also with the Bonnes now. They stole something important from me too.

    Police reploid= Very well. We will continue keeping the public informed. What about the Sage Trinity, do you wish to contact them and....

    Dr. Wily= No. Let's .... not drag them into this. We can deal with this ourselves. You are dismissed.

    Police reploid= Thank you sir.

    *The police reploid leaves the door and another door opens and Dalton enters the room*

    Dalton= These guys are begining to be a real bother are they?

    Dr. Wily= Keep those police forces watched. I dont want them to think John is trying to help them in any way. If you find any records in any archive with John saving and or helping them in need, delete it. I canot have them believeing John is some sort of Robin Hood character, I will not tollerate with anymore trators like Dr. Weil did to us.

    Dalton= If I may say so..... Dr. Weil did give me a scare back in Wily Arcadia, when John and those guardians defeated you.

    Dr. Wily= Dr. Weil is gone! I pulled him into the warp device and he's in the middle of nowhere now. He can't bother us anymore. Focus on John.

    Dalton= Absolutely. By the way, what do you make out of this Phillip McDonald?

    Dr. Wily= He can give us allot of trouble. He did try to break in our Zeal fortress 4 years ago afterall, but fortune smiled when Omega Zero captured him.

    Dalton= What about Omega Zero?

    Dr. Wily= He was destroyed by John and Phillip. Your begining to worry too much about ghosts of the pasts. Please keep my robot masters informed of John's wareabouts. I read the last report from my numbers and he was last located in this ruined area in this other continent. Somewhere when the Sigma wars took place.

    *Sudenly..... the door that Dalton entered .... opened up and a stranger in a black cloak appeared......*

    Dalton= Oh,.. it's you. The guest from this morning.

    ?????= Oh, so you were talking about John and my brother?

    Dr. Wily= Why not have a seat young man. You can take off that hood for awhile.

    *The man in the black cloak removed his hood, and he appeared to be a young man with short ginger red hair and he sat down and talked with Dr. Wily and Dalton.*

    Dalton= What was your name again young sir?

    ?????= Tom sir. Tom McDonald.

    Dalton= Wait a minnute.... that's the same sir name as that Phillip...

    Tom= He's my older brother, and dont worry Dalton, im completely different from him.

    Dr. Wily= Earlier this morning, you kept mensoning a group called the "Code of Iron" did you not?

    Tom= I did. This was a group I was in once. Let's just say..... I didn't feel comfortable with them anymore. My brother had an accident with his first crewmen who were all persocoms and ..... something disasterous happened. He had a mission involving Xenomopheus aliens eggs to be destroyed and the mission failed. He had all of his crew members slaughtered.

    Dalton= Damn. He must have went through some stuff.

    Dr. Wily= So your saying... you also have a crew of your own?

    Tom= Yes sir. I am also sending one of them to you once I leave here. I have to go to my group and prepair for something specal. I know you will like it. I am sending my newest member Gottfried Groeder to you in a few days. He has some .... interesting things to share with you and you space pirate friends. He hitched a ride on the Pillar a few days ago retrieving some valuable information. Although there was some area's he couldnt reach.

    Dr. Wily= We dont want to keep you back from your work.

    Tom= It was a pleasure meeting you sir. And Dalton, please tell lady Zeal I said hello.

    Dalton= I sure will good sir.

    Tom= Thanks mate.

    *Tom and Dalton leave the office......... Dr. Wily continues to work on other

    things.......... But downstairs......several reploid oficers were talking in private....*

    Police reploid 1= I dont like this anymore. Taking orders from that human. We have had too many casualties by those aliens, and this John guy who's helped us when we were in trouble.... I mean, for a guy were hunting.... he may not be a bad guy.

    Police reploid 2= He did steal that force metal and that cloaking device from our labs, maybe he needs it for....something or is he.... protecting something...

    Police reploid 3= Things here have changed. You seen these other wierd reploids who work with that human, they seem so... malcontent, and I been hearing they been up to no good. I heard they raided a ruined city that once was a city ruined durring the Sigma wars. Im suprised the Sage Trinity havent focused on rebuilding that place.

    Police reploid 2= Im suprised they havent gotten to it yet.

    Police reploid 1= The Sigma wars, Elf wars, and the Arcadia wars were bad enough. We definently cant affoard to have anymore of these wars.

    *somewhere in the distance........ some of Dr. Wily's robot masters was easedropping the private conversation....*

    Dust man= Just as you suspected Dr. Wily. These police reploids are thinking John is some kind of hero.

    Air man= Those dweebs.

    Dr. Wily (radio)= Dont do anything yet. Just make a private record of it and keep tabs on them and everyone you see.

    Dust man= Understood sir.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile.................. in the hidden labortory......Pandora was working on some files

    when sudenly, Prometheus returned exausted.....*

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    Pandora= Prometheus!

    Prometheus= Damn! John got lucky again!

    Pandora= I told you to listen for orders first before...

    Prometheus= You dont understand dear sister..... John..... that black biometal ........ he did something to you 4 years ago!

    Pandora= He hacked my files from my databank.

    Prometheus= No body touches my sister...NOBODY!!

    Pandora= Prometheus.... calm down. We must remain with the development otherwise we will be behind shedual. Master Albert will not tollerate disobediance.

    Prometheus= Incase you wanna know, John is with a bunch of lowly pirates, plus he only has one biometal now..... some kind of biometal I never seen before on him.

    Pandora= The Sage Trinity had already contacted the hunters and there now in pursuit of John. But I also heard that Dr. Wily is also after him too.

    Prometheus= Then I'll make both John and Dr. Wily pay!!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Meanwhile........in Giga city...... the hunters Ashe and her team docked in the landing sites of giga city and visited the main office.*

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    Dr. Wily= Who do we have here?

    Ashe= My name is Ashe. Im looking for a suspicous megaman named John.

    Dr. Wily= I see. It appears we have a something in common.

    Ashe= Yes, he stole a biometal plus a heap of treasure we found first.

    Dr. Wily= He also stole a preacous artifact from me as well.

    Ashe= Can we work together?

    Dr. Wily= Were you sent by the Sage Trinity?

    Ashe= That's correct sir.

    Dr. Wily= Hmmmmmm.... perhaps I can show you some of our servalance videos of him stealing our artifacts and our specal items. Then perhaps we can join forces if you cooperate. Of course you will be well rewarded.

    Ashe= Hmmmmm.. Sounds good. You have a deal sir.

    Dr. Wily= Exelent. You may take some of my finest associates.

    Ashe= Thank you sir.

    Dr. Wily= Wood man, Quick man, Needle man, Charge man, Metal man. Report to the main office immediately. I have a job for you.

    Ashe= Assistance from you? That will be most honorable.

    Dr. Wily= Why anything for a fellow victim of unjust theft my dear. Please wait outside, my associates will need a meeting with me first then they will be with you later. Please take this time to shop and stock up on supplies.

    Ashe= Thank you Mr. Wily. C'mon guys, lets go shopping.

    Hunter 1= Sweet.

    Hunter 2= Oh good. I never shopped in a reploid run vercinity before. Sounds like fun.

    *As Ashe and the hunters left, the 5 robot masters entered from the other door 1 minnute later....*

    (music slowly changes to- The Grudge/ Tales of Symphonia){see link above}

    Dr. Wily= It appears the Sage Trinity may cause a bit of trouble for us afterall. I need you 5 to go with that girl. We can help her out for now. But as soon as they even catch a glimpse of any suspicion of John for what he really is and find out too much, dispose of them by any meanings, in other words.... KILL THEM!

    Wood man= It will be done.

    Quick man= After were done with them, we'll make quick work of them.

    Needle man= Yes sir.

    Charge man= hehehehe..... I cant wait for some payback after what John did to us.

    Metal man= Your orders are absolute.

    *Later.... the hunters got supplies and boarded 5 robot masters of Dr. Wily for assistance

    without knowing the danger and suspicion that Dr. Wily is actually using them.

    Meanwhile....... John is still out there with the Bonne family looking for the 3 specal

    biometals,......so far.... now only 1 remains.........*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *meanwhile in the Marlwolf...........*

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    John= Alright. Just 1 more.

    Teasel= Alright, just 1 more left, then your gonna help us right? You do owe us after all.

    Tron= Yep, he still does. I was working on that force metal and man were we suprised. This

    thing can strengthen our ride armors. Even this ship..... but if it was bigger.

    John= But I have no idea where in the world were gonna find anymore of those.

    Teasel= Perhaps that "Sage Trinity" organization knows about it.

    Tron= You know whay, you may have a point. The Sage Trinity might know about this force

    metal if we can break in to one of there bunkers.

    John= I see. Well, Perhaps I can help out untill I pay my debt. Right?

    Teasel= Absolutely. There is no "PERHAPS", ther is "WILL DO".

    John= Oh,.... sorry. *chuckles* That's what I really meant.

    Tron= Woah... look at the time. It's getting late. We better get some rest. Im going to bed


    Teasel= We better find a nice place to hide the ship and park for the night.

    *later that night.......John was in the junked up room with Nyamo on the other cushon next

    to him. With the towels hung as curtains and package and freight boxes stacked and used as

    desks and tables by them.*

    John= Oh boy. Man am I tired, after what happened today.

    Model SH= Your tellin me bud.

    Model MA= So you are John right? And what are you doing with a bunch of air pirates?

    John= Long story. I came from 4 years behind when I was face to face with some bad people I

    was fighting against. I used this thing here to escape.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John holds a Dalek tech device that was round like a small dish and was a bit thick and

    with smooth metal with bumps on the surface and with the dark pearl center surrounded by

    lights that werent working*

    Model MA= Those look like lights. I dont see them on, or do you supposed to do something

    like use a switch?

    John= Kaolla, a fellow traveler made it from scrap Dalek ride armor parts.

    Model SH= Where did you get these.... Dalek parts?

    (Music playing- Sadness and hope/ Shenmue)Download

    John= Durring our travels, we found a black Dalek ride armor in the basement of the empire state building. We traveled back in time durring the depression of Matthattin New York.

    Model MA= And what are these..... Daleks? Friends of yours?

    John= We wished. But...... when I first met them, It wasn't pleasent. I thought I was gonna die. Kaolla took me to her world, her dimenson where she came from..... her Earth was ...... invaded by them. The plannet did not stand a chance. Not even the space fleet that came to it's aid could fight them.

    Nyamo= It was horrible..... I lost my family....... old and new. Kaolla lost her people....... Shinobu lost everything..........all of those people were shot by those Daleks. *sniffle*

    John= Daleks are mutated alien creatures cased in these metal ride armors and they orrigionated from a planet named "Skaro", they were the decendants of the humanoid people called the Kaleds who were in decades of war with the Thous for world domination, but the Kaleds lost, and one of them ....... there chief scientist named "Davros" created these things in order to fight the war. But he had more on his mind than just war...... he wanted these Daleks to become the domanant creatures of the universe,..... these things were fought against and defeated by an alien called "The Doctor".

    Model SH= Doctor..... Doctor who?

    John= Just the doctor. He had many human companions and took them arround time and space. The last time he fought Davros was when he stole 17 planets and dragged them into the medusa cascade and attempted to use them as an engine for his reality bomb which was supposed to kill all life in the galaxy.

    Model MA= You seem to know a heap load of these Daleks. What about your dealings with them?

    John= The last time I seen one was when these Bonne's stole a cargo crate with a Dalek inside. Dr. Wily, the one im fighting against had it previously. He was gonna use it for his benefit. The Dalek escaped and tried to make a communication device from a power station..... and failed.

    Model MA= And how would you know all of this?

    John= Kaolla and the rest of us were traveling by a Tardis she found in her world. Appeared to been warped by force, possibly durring the time war. A Time Lord named "The Professor" who was a close friend of the doctor, developed a specal tardis that could travel paralel dimensons, but the doctor didnt believe in paralel dimensonal travel. We learned all we needed in the Tardis archives. It was like if the Tardis actually picked us as the profesor's sucsessors, since he failed to pass it to the doctor.

    Nyamo= We seen worlds we though never existed. We got to see aliens, mythical monsters, magical creatures, beautiful forests and nature....

    John= And we also seen some pretty ugly stuff too. It wasn't always safe and pleasent.

    Nyamo= It's getting late. We better go to bed. We dont need Tron catching us up and talking.

    *So John and Nyamo went to bed and cut off the lamp........later.... Tron appeared and peeked through the metalic door to check up on them.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *The next morning..........Tron snuck in the junked room and bellowed her voice to rudely awaken John, Nyamo and the biometals*


    *John and Nyamo bolted awake as if someone fired a gun inside there room*

    John= Oh god, Tron!!

    Nyamo= Eeeeeek! Miss Tron, please don't do that!

    Tron= Just making sure your ready to go. Were taking off in a few minnutes after we eat, and then were going in the area to find your last biometal, and after that, the real fun begins. So hop to it!

    *Tron and Teasel had a big plate of hot pancakes while John and Nyamo had nothing but 1 bowl of oatmeal that didnt look too pleasing. John and Nyamo ened up doing all of the cooking and cleaning and both already broken sweat doing so, even while eating........later the Marlwolf took off again and traveled to the continent owned and ran by the sage trinity.*

    *Meanwhile........ in the secret bunker........ where Prometheus and Pandora were using as a base.....*

    (Music playing- The Chosen one/ Megaman ZX Advent){see link above}

    Prometheus= Pandora.... how is this..... subject?

    Pandora= He looks pretty well. After we finished with all of those psudoroids and those 4 destined to be "megamen", Master Albert sent us this kid.

    User Image

    Prometheus= This measaly little imp?

    Pandora= Yes.

    Prometheus= But we already have these psudoroids and the 4 skilled megamen, why would we need this? He looks useless to me.

    Pandora= He's in hibernation now, but were prepairing to scan him and analize his databanks. Master Albert said once his databanks are fully scanned, were to totaly delete his memories and install this specal program into him.

    Prometheus= Is..... that all?

    Pandora= He did say this..... if this fails, or if the process was ever to be interupted by means of intruders or power surges, this kid is to be desposed of. Master Albert will not tollerate defectives.

    Prometheus= Hmph, alright. But I still dont aprove of this kid being used for our plans.

    *to be continued................*