• Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true…

    “You know, loving you is more than just a dream come true, Alix,” Cole whispered in the dark theatre, mocking the amorous line just said by the actress on the screen.

    “Oh, really,” Alix said with disinterest. It wasn’t often his boyfriend waxed on poetic with his declarations of love, and he didn’t get the idea that Cole was about to start now.

    “Yeah, really,” Cole continued, “it’s like a ******** wet dream come true!”

    Alix rolled his eyes and sighed inwardly. Not another one of these…

    “Like, seriously? I love the way you do that right thurr, right thurr, switch yo’ hips when you walkin’, let down your hurr,” he sang into Alix’s ear, giggling quietly. “Lick your lips when you talkin’, that make me stare.” Alix slouched in his seat, hoping to discourage Cole from continuing. No such luck.

    “And every time you walk into the room, I’m like, ‘It’s getting’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes, I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clooothes off!’”

    “Dear God,” Alix mumbled. “Cole, shut up. I want to watch the movie!”

    “You know what I want to do?”

    When Alix opted not to respond, Cole confessed:

    “I wanna li-li-lick yo lollipop, yeah, I wanna li-li-lick yo lolli—”

    Alix slapped a hand over his boyfriend’s mouth, blushing furiously. “Cole Blackwell, I swear—”

    Cole’s tongue darted out to lick at Alix’s hand. “Hey, baby, I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes,” he mumbled through Alix’s fingers. Alix pulled his hand away like Cole’s tongue was poisonous.

    “Then I wanna move from the bed, down to the, down to the, to the flo’,” he whispered silkily in Alix’s ear, hovering over his body. “Then I wanna, ahh ahh, you make it so good I don't wanna leave, but I gotta, kn-kn-kn-know wha-what's your fan-ta-ta-sy?”

    Cole worked his clever hands underneath Alix’s shirt as he sang, caressing over the hard planes of his stomach and biting at his neck. Alix moaned and arched under Cole’s touch, slapping a hand over his mouth as he heard himself.

    Cole grabbed Alix’s hand away from his mouth and claimed it for his own, forcefully pushing his tongue past the gasping lips. He shifted himself into Alix’s lap, straddling his hips with a practiced ease. Bracing his arms against the back of the seat, he rolled his hips into Alix’s, eliciting groans of pleasure from both of them. Panting for air and heart beating furiously, Cole leaned in close to Alix’s ear once again.

    “I wanna ******** you like an animal,” he whispered, “I wanna feel you from the inside, baby.”

    He smiled at the tomato-red blush steadily working its way across Alix’s face as he moaned, “Cole—”

    Cole cut off any protests Alix may have had, firmly sucking on his lower lip as he ground his erection into Alix’s. “Look at those hips,” he murmured, grabbing hold of Alix’s hips, “look at those legs, ain’t you stacked.” He lowered his lips to the junction of Alix’s neck and shoulder, biting hard enough to bruise. “I sho’ wouldn’t mind hittin’ that from the back,” he said in a low voice, heavy with sexual need.

    Alix gasped loudly, hips thrusting upwards, breathing erratic and shaky from the mental images. He fisted one hand in Cole’s blond hair and slammed their mouths together, tongues fighting in a battle for dominance, kissing until neither of them could breathe.

    Cole viciously attacked the buttons on Alix’s shirt, quickly baring his chest and peppering it with bites. In a lusty haze, Alix twisted his body to recline across the seat instead of in it. Unfortunately, he neglected to remember the now very-sorry-she-came-to-the-movies-with-and-sat-next-to-these-sex-driven-assholes occupant of the seat next door.

    “Cole, if you wouldn’t mind not raping my younger brother on top of me, that’d be greatly appreciated, thanks,” said one Nessa Renotta Prescotta with a snort.

    “I told you not to sit next to them,” Calliope said next to her.

    Nessa rolled her eyes. “You threatened to dismember me and spread my entrails across fifteen countries if I didn’t sit here! Don’t talk!”

    Calli shrugged. “You could’ve risked it.”

    “I’m not—hey! HEY!” Nessa’s voice grew more and more frantic at the scene happening, quite literally, under her nose. “Dude! SO not cool! COLE!”

    Cole, completely oblivious to his surroundings, easily insinuated a hand into Alix’s jeans and proceeded to give him a hand job with amazing efficiency for being entwined with Alix’s body and stretched across two movie seats.

    “Oh, my God, I think that’s his orgasm face,” Calli cackled. “Holy s**t, I think our brother is about to come in your lap!”

    Alix, who had somehow managed his entire upper body, as well as Cole’s, onto Nessa’s unwilling lap, was indeed writhing in the throes of ecstasy, a deep red blush staining his cheeks, mouth open in a silent gasp.

    “She-it,” said Nessa. And she began to struggle for all her life was worth.

    “Cal, I can’t get up, they’re too heavy,” she panicked.

    Calliope was having the time of her life. She smirked. “So what am I supposed to do about it?”

    Nessa gave her younger sister a death glare. “Look, you help me out of here before this son-of-a-b***h comes, or else I’ll kick you in the ovaries!”

    “How’re you gonna manage that, what with being pinned under—ow!” Calliope rubbed her face where her sister punched her, frowning in annoyance. “Alright, alright. Let me see if I can pull you out from behind.”

    She climbed over her seat into the thankfully empty row behind them and grasped her sister underneath her arms. “Okay, count of three, push off whatever you can. One, two, three!”

    Nessa swung her legs out from under the pair and onto the armrest next to her, grabbing onto Calli’s arms for support as she levered herself over the back of the seat. The two of them collapsed to the floor under the effort, but their mission was a success.

    “Let’s get the ******** outta here,” Nessa nearly growled.

    “You do not have to tell me twice,” Calliope agreed as the two hauled a** out of the theatre.

    Alix and Cole stayed behind and happily enjoyed the remainder of the movie.