• Akira: The Darkness
    ~Where we left off in the forest~
    Nijix woke me up the next morning; I accidently punched him when he touched me. I never like being touched if I’m sleeping. Looking around I saw those same pair of eyes.
    “Nijix…are you sure there aren’t any bandits?” I asked slightly afraid but I sat upright and rubbed my eyes. Nijix walked over to the bags and threw one at me; I dodged it just in time though.
    “There are not any bandits. Stop worrying we are only five miles away from the first village then another 100 to the second. “He frowned and ruffled his silver hair with the last words, then started walking ahead, leaving me behind. I stood up and grabbed my bag running to catch up to him. For some reason the ground was stone instead of just plain rock and dust. And only lampposts stood in the grass, no trees at all. It seemed so plain to me. And the reek of men and death went into my nose. Ugh, disgusting so disgusting. Nijix stopped and stood perfectly still, I did the same. The feel of metal was against my throat, I gulped.
    “Move….and you die miss. “ Whoever was holding the knife whispered into my ear, the voice made my spine quiver. Nijix slowly turned around with a thin but sleek katana extended in his hand. Shock and fear washed over Nijix’s face but he tried as much as possible not to look at the person behind me.
    “….Kino” Nijix breathed almost as if it killed him inside to say the name. The metal left my neck and a firm hand pushed me towards Nijix, I stumbled and fell into Nijix’s arms. Nijix frowned and gently pushed me away.
    The man called Kino tilted his head in a mock expression towards Nijix.
    “Brother, still helping little babies, likes this hopeless wench? You’re still weak from that sorry excuse of a battle a few years back.” Kino laughed and stepped closer to me, he sniffed my hair and I slapped him.
    “Lethal, just like your old one Nijix remember her? Long red hair, blue eyes and soft silky-“Kino was cut off but Nijix cutting the side of his face, leaving a scar on the left cheek.
    “Don’t even say her name. Say it and I will cut you half way from Mexico to China. “Nijix’s face was serious.
    “Old one? What does he mean old one Nijix? “I asked unsure what to say, I sound like one of those girl who don’t have a clue about something, am I losing my edge?
    “…… Old….wait I don’t have to tell you. Keep moving. And Kino….follow and you die.” Nijix walked north again and didn’t look back; I looked at Kino’s mocking grin and ran behind Nijix.