• Hello I'm Conner. I know this is Marrissa's story but she cant talk right now so ill tell you what happened! im not a good story teller so bare with me here. Marrissa will write the next one if she can move! enjoy!

    You. . .I whispered when I went falling to the ground. (Yeah. i know it sounds bad when u think about it but I'm is okay just to let the viewers know that.) i crawled over to Marrissa,I shook her cold lifeless body as i saw blood coming from her stomach! i stood up, walked over to her father, "LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE U HAD TO BRING OUT THE GUN AND TRY TO SHOOT BUT ALL YOU DID WAS SHOOT YOUR OWN DAUGHTER! HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT SEEING YOUR DAUGHTER LIKE THAT? . . . WELL? HOW DOES IT FEEL?"

    There's no need for yelling Conner. please take this gun as a gratitude of Marissa. after all i did try shooting you and u moved the gun tward her when i was shooting. so it's mostly your fault." i took the gun and shot him in the dead center of the face!

    "good bye Mr.Brown." I walked over to Marrissa, (she's still alive.) I called 911 on my cell phone. My mom came out and rushed over to find Marrissa in my arms, lifeless. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" screamed my mother.

    "I didn't do anything to her. you know how you said to pull the weed from you're garden well i was half way done when Marrissa went flying out the second story window. Her father came out the front door when i ran over to her. he pulled me way from her and started to yell at me. he pulled out a gun to shoot but he missed and hit her.please don't blame 'best friends life on me' i didn't do anything to her." I pleaded my mother.

    The police showed upwhen i was done telling my mother. they walked up to me and asked "What happened here?"

    I told them the same thing i told my mom. they walked over to Mr.Brown, examined him and said "Ma'am is this what happened?"

    "yes sir. Mr.Brown thought he killed his own daughter, so he killed himself" she gave me a wink when the police officer turned around.

    what will happen next?
    will Marrissa be ok?