• My heart is pounding at least 4 beats per half second; I’m loosing breath from running this trail long and fast.
    Millions and millions of trees are everywhere in my path, surrounding me, playing maze and confusing my mind. I kept following the side of the trails tying hard not to make one of my footprints to lead those men on. I am a felon, a crook, or what you say a convict.
    I steal my way through life; people pay me good money just for doing what I am best at.
    So many times a month I get chased by people to try and catch me, I doubt any of them could. My entire body is pacing more and more towards the small town of Surrogate,
    my friends Shoppe is there called Maybelle’s dresses,
    maybe if I change out of these rags they won’t notice me and I could get away with this money sack. I kept running passing the main road where a lot of horses pass with their carriages running as fast as they can. I luckily dodged one of the horses and bolted into town square. I saw the sign quickly Maybelle’s Dresses I raced over there and plied open the door. “Laura! Thank god you’re here I was so worried!” Maybelle shouted as she hugged me tightly. I pushed her off. “I need a disguise; I got your rent for today and next month and the month after that. Just please. I need a dress.” I looked around and found a baby blue one with a hat and umbrella. I walked over to the dressing room and prepared myself to go cash money into the bank of my closet.
    I rushed the dress on trying not to choke myself; the dress finally got onto my skin, clasping my skin was beckoning for air. Soon I used a comb I found in the closet and started to brush my hair that was tangled by the string I used to keep it up. Looked in the mirror *Thank god I don’t have to do anything else to myself, I feel like a tramp.* I closed the curtain and walked out fiddling with my corset buttons.
    “Maybelle I know you’re mad at me but can you at least think about it? It’s not like a killed someone.”
    No answer. I looked up to find the entire store empty, every dress, corset, and shoe in place lingering with the afternoon breeze. I walked outside kept thinking about how I’m going to explain this whole thing to Maybelle. “Maybelle!!!!” I started to shout looking left and right for her in the huge crowd towards the town hall. At least two towns combined were standing together side by side. I walked onto the street looking for Maybelle. “Maybelle!!!” no one replied back, just wind gushing across my face. I kept staring at the man on the stage he was saying something but I couldn’t make it out.
    “LOOK OUT!!!!” a voice yelled. At that instant I felt four horse legs run over me stepping on my ribs as if they were pebbles in the dirt. Then two wheels crushed against me pushing me further into the ground.
    “I think we found Flora. Flora! Can you hear me!?!? Oh dearie…she looks horrible. This is the last time she’s ever running away.” An elder woman spoke. I wanted to assure them I’m alright. My face stayed solid and my body couldn’t move. It hurt so bad to breathe! I forced my eyes open, looking at where I crashed. “Oh! She’s awake thank goodness! Are you okay Flora?” The elderly woman asked with a charming soothing smile.
    “Who’s…who’s Flora?” I asked. So confused my head was pounding in all directions with my ribs partially destroyed I can’t think straight! “Hugh! Pick her up, her grandfather is worried sick! At least we found her…alive anyways, come on!” I felt the man pick me up and lay me onto a plush carriage seat. My eyes wondered, all the interior was ruby red. The sequins were silver and the window frames were a tainted wood color. “Flora.. What hurts?” The woman asked aiding to my side. “Ugh….My chest and my head.”
    I replied back holding my head hoping for the torture to end. “Poor dearie. Alright well were going to have to call the doctor in the morning. It’s much too late for him to be found.” The woman made a concerned face possibly thinking if I’m going to be alive tomorrow morning.” Can you remember anything??” She asked even more concerned. “I know that I got ran over. And this is my dress.”
    “oh no. okay well your name is Flora SinClaire. You are 15 years of age and you live with you grandfather at the SinClaire Manor, also known as the Luna Mansion. You named it that since the moon always shines in your room. My name is Miera ive taken care of you since you could crawl.”
    “I don’t know where were going.” I replied looking out the window of the carriage.
    “We are traveling to the manor. Your grandfather is expecting you.”
    I climged to the velvet curtain somewhat tightly.
    " I dont think i know who that is.." I looked down feeling embarrassed of forgetting someone i knew. If i did know him