• "Oh, well, ummm.... I guess I'm pretty good at drums." he smiled slightly. They all laughed.
    "Umm, you're great!" Grace corrected.
    "I think you, Tyler, will find my instramental labratory to your absalute liking. All needs to record drum, everything is included. What about you Grace?" Mundane sipped on a small tea cup full of coffee.
    "I'm good at vocals and guitar."she said, not even pausing to think.
    "You'll join Tyler then. Alright, well directory maps to all of your destinations are on the table infront of you. Have fun!" and with that Mundane wisked himself away up the stairwell.

    It had been three hours. Renna was five chapters into a book on the type writer. Seth had just finished sketching and doing a colored pencil once-over on a picture of Renna. Tyler and Grace had just begun preparing for recording, and Mundane was fast asleep. Renna was starting to get tired, and had a strange urge to go and see what Seth was doing.

    "Hey." she smiled and walked over to his easle. "Nice sketch. You're getting
    along better than I am. I only have five chapters done. Mundane said he
    wants us in school as soon as possible, and he wants us to start at the same time. It'll take me a couple months to actually finish the book, a couple weeks to a month to edit it, and posibly a couple weeks to print the cover! I don't think I can really do this." Renna stared at the floor and bit her lip.
    "Of course you can do it! If it takes me three hours to just do a sketch I think you, are moving along more than me!" Seth smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder.
    "Thanks. Anyway, I should get back to work. Only twenty five more chapters to go. Maybe I will finish it sooner." Renna smiled and went back to her work.

    As it turned out, it took everyone two months to perfect, preduce, and sell their first creations. Mundane evaluated them all, and enrolled them in Magic School immediently.
    Their first day was the best.
    "Hi, you must be Renna, Seth, Tyler and Grace! I'm Alexandrea, head Elven Witch here at Magic High. Here are lists of all your optional classes. Circle all that you would like too participate in and bring it back to me! Pens and chairs are over there." the spunky red headed freckled girl handed them each a clip board.
    Renna chose a simple set of eight classes with one free period, and a half period for lunch and campus exploration. Elven history, transfiguration, potions and spell casting, book club, magic home ec, wand crafting, mythical creature studies, and Magic Times News Trubune creaters club were all classes she took. Free period was between magic home ec and wand crafting, and the half luch with campus exploration period was right after potions and spell casting.
    Grace took a simple five period class schedule with one full lunch period and half free period added to campus exploration. Owl study, vampire arts, wand crafting, magic home ec, and witch craft exploration were the classes she took.
    Tyler, looking for less work and more play, took a four course class schedule, and only one and a half free periods. Half lunch period, and a whole period dedicated to campus exploration. Rules and resrtictions of angel privliges, enchanted candle making, pixie psycholigy, and advanced ghost ethics were the simple classes he wanted.
    Seth chose every class that Renna chose, but without even knowing it.