• Report 23AR-7
    MA-130 Hunter φ
    This is a new B.O.W. still in the pre-development stage. A Hunter-type using the Tyrant model as a base, it is a humanoid melded with reptile DNA and imbued with ice-based abilities where it can drop the temperature around it up to 15 ft. so that it may immobilize targets and strike using its claws. This current model is deemed successful, though albeit unstable, due to the condensation and freezing of the water particles around the subject’s head, creating a crystallize structure resembling hair. Several more advanced copies of the Hunter have a spire protruding from the frontal lobe to stabilize their powers.

    All subjects also have a collar that serves as a relay to program and give commands, on top of refraining them from doing any actions outside of designated orders. Due to the capabilities and nature of this particular Hunter-class B.O.W., it has been given the codename Persephone in similar fashion to how the Tyrant-type B.O.W. T.A.L.O.S. was given its name. Project is currently on standby awaiting mass production, though due to the current state of the company the project could be put on hold indefinitely.

    -Reis Corison
    UC Greater North, Assistant Director