• A woman named Tylee Ann collected their papers.
    "The seperate period maps are in these folders. I just know you'll love it here!" the girl smiled and skipped off to the office counter. The kids grabbed each of their folders.
    "See ya'!" the friends seperated.
    "How did we end up choosing the same classes without even knowing it?" Renna laughed. They went straight into the class.

    "Hello! How was your first day of Magic High School!? I hope you all enjoyed it." Mundane smiled as he brought tea into Matt's art study. Everyone was staring in aw at the illistartions he had made for Renna's book.
    "It was fun."
    "Cool." they answered flatly. They really had a good time, but with the lovely, captivating art in front of them they weren't exactly listening.
    "Oh my- Matt is, is this your work?!" Mundane studied the drawing carefully.
    "Um, yeah. It only took me a week. I could have made it much better." Renna smacked him in the back of the head.
    "How many times do I have to tell you not to underestimate yourself!?" She took an eraser and skimmed over the signature at the bottom. "Now, sign it with your best sloppy writing." Renna ordered. Matt, confused, wrote his signature in a twisted version of cursive.
    "Renna? Have you finsihed your bok yet?" Mundane asked. Renna nodded, and Mundane grabbed the laminated slip cover.
    "I also finished the leather binding. The spine just needs a little-" Mundane cut her off.
    "No, it's fine. Get me that book tape would you?" he snapped his fingers. Renna handed the roll to hime and he fit the slip cover delicately over the book. Then he taped it on and flipped through the pages. "Perfect. I'll get my agent to order copies, and then I'll drive it down town and have Corner Books and the other major book stores sell it. The drawing and writing style is excellent, because it gives it old time, earthly charm." Mundane smiled and handed the book to Renna. Something told her he was up to something.