• Preface
    Saya was running in her wolf form when she got the message. " Hey Saya! We need your help over here." Saya sent back a mental message. " On my way." She turned around and went to her pack. She got to the clearing a few minutes later she slowly walked into the clearing. Her breath caught in her throut. The vampires were gone, but her pack hadn't won. They all lay dead in the clearing.
    Chapter 1
    Saya bolted up in her bed. She was breathing hard and shaking. It was just a dream. She thought to herself. She looked at her clock and the flashing light said 5:30 am. Saya knew she wasn't going to be able to get back asleep. She got up and got dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had grown up scinse the insedent. She was 10 when her pack was killed by the vampires. Now she was 14 and she was alot meaner now then she was then. She looked at her shoulder in the mirror. It still had her pack sybol on it. She sighed and walked out her bedroom door. She nedded a run and she needed it bad. She snuck past her foster parents bedroom, they didn't know she was a wolf shapeshifter, and got to the front door. She slowly opened the door and she was out. She ran twoard the forest. As soon as she was hidden by the trees snd shifted. It didn't hurt or anything. It felt like you were free. She just started running with no place in mind.
    It took a while to realize where she was going. She was going to the clearing where her pack was killed. She turned into a human and, with her cloths on, walked to the middle of the clearing. She layed down in the middle of the clearing and just stared up at the moon. After a while she heard footsteps and she sat up. A guy walked into the clearing and gave her a little wave. " Sorry, didn't know anybody else was out here." Saya knew he was a vampire before he stepped into the clearing. She could smell the vampire on him. Saya's face got cold and said," Get out of here blood sucker." His eyes got wide and then gave her a smile. " Oh. I thought I sensed you were a supernatural, but I couldn't really tell." He took a step twoard her. Saya got up and took a step back. " Yeah. I'm a shapeshifter. So what." Saya turned around to leave, but his voice stopped her. " What's the matter with you and vampires? I thought vampires and shapeshifters were like best friends." She turned to face him and said, " Yeah, until vampires kill our whole pack." She said in almost a growl. His face fell. " I'm sorry," He said softly. " I didn't know." He walked twaord her without stopping. She turned around to walk away, but he was too fast. He was standing right in front of her and looking into her eyes. He kissed her forehead and Saya felt something she had never felt in a long time. Love. " If you wan't to talk about it, come back here. I'll be waiting." He wispered. Then he was gone. Saya just stood there looking like an idiot.
    End of chapter 1