• The Vampire Hunter
    By Kara Strickland
    My hands were shaking at the thought of what I was about to do. I slowly walked through the street waiting for him to come out. The Hunters were very active lately, and also the vampires; attacks have been reported everywhere, especially in Florida. Today I was chosen to do the worse job as a Vampire Hunter. Guard duty; it is when I have to walk around waiting for some vampire to attack me. I don’t really hate guard duty in the day, but at night it is the worst time to do the job, because the most horrid of the vampires come out at these times.
    I fell to the ground of Palm Street, bored. “A vampire is never going to come.” I thought to myself. Suddenly I heard something. This wasn’t a normal sound, something was moving at a fast speed. I stood up, still unready. The sound of taunting giggles echoed through the cold night, which was unusually cold for Florida. The vampire slammed against me. I was knocked to the ground, and I attempted to get up pain rushed through me. I finally stood up, ignoring the flames that rushed through my bones. The vampire rushed at me again this time I had my daggers out, but I was still unready. The vampire had me. The piercing sting on my neck was impossible to ignore. I still had slight feeling in my hand to that told the dagger was still in my hand. Using my gift of fire, I stabbed the now flaming dagger with full force into the vampire. For a few hours I watched the vampire burn. I sobbed silently. I hated hurting these vampires. The next day my neck was healed, and quite surprisingly everything was back to normal. Peace and tranquility was in store for the moment being.