• Quall aimed down the scope of his rifle at the Raider running by and pulled the trigger, a hit. Even though the grunts were pushed back, Quall and Finn were doing their jobs of thinning the infantry ranks. The gatehouse was a tall tower with only one entrance that was sealed shut. The two sat in the lookout chamber with three crates of ammo, two Longbow rifles, and two pistols. Drop pods were raining down in the distance and it looked like a small battle was starting. Both Quall and Finn were Morese, a common race that was humanoid with white skin and glazed eyes. A Plague Nemacyst fighter shot pass the tower as the two fired on a Paladin below. It fell over and a few Raiders ran for cover from the invisible snipers.
    As the battle seemed to near the two snipers notcied more vehicles rolling into the city to hold of the legionaries. With the extra troops came more sniper fire on the Paladins moving past the tower. It looked like more drop pods were falling down and the legionaries were pushing through. Quall turned to Finn and smiled.
    There was the noise of running below and looking down the scopes the two saw Raiders retreating through the gate. Quall fired, hitting a Paladin in the side of the head. Finn blew off the legs of a Raider. Quall knocked over a Raider, leaving his lower half behind. Meanwhile the muzzle flashes of assualt rifles showed up from the ruined buildings, support was close.
    Quall turned to pat Finn on the shoulder when a loud crash echoed up the stairs of the gatehouse. Finn drew her pistol and moved down the stairs, it was quiet for a moment and Finn returned shaking her head. "The gatehouse is on fire and we're stuck up here..."

    Based off of the RP The Plague