It was mid night and there was no sound coming from any where until nathan came runing throw the ally with cops chasing after him. He darted into the house were he thought he was safe but he wasnt. He had forgoten about his parents. So he knew he would be cought so he ran to the park were it was quit. Then all of a sudden........BAM! BANG! cops were shooting at him. HE ran with blood from his leg. He ran and ran and ran until he was in a cave. No won can find him. He was woulded and tired. He had to stay awake and keep his gared or he would be toast. Then he herd a sound, it was a man. The man had a dog with him. Nathan thought he was safe with the man and fell asleep without even knowing. The sun woke Nathan up so he got up only he wasnt in the cave he was in last night but he was in a house a big house. He didnt know where he was. Maybe he was in his own home but only his house was an ant compared to the house he was in. The man he saw in the cave looked at Nathan with a smile on his face. He took a plastic bag and put it over his head.
    to be continued if anof people liked it!!!!