• Containment

    Chapter 1

    He knew the two people were talking about him; the voice had told him so. And the fact that they were whispering with him as the subject angered him. He didn’t like to be talked about in quiet, little conversations when he was standing there near the gossipers. It made him feel uncomfortable.

    ‘Don’t worry, dear, they’re only trying to place you in a room’ the voice said in a soothing tone.

    A sigh escaped his lips as he silently listened to the little existence between his ears. The voice was the only thing he trusted besides himself. He would listen to the voice no matter what happened; no matter what anybody said he would only listen to the voice. He watched the two nurses chatter away; signing papers among other things. He wished they would hurry, because he was getting tired of standing here.

    “Okay, this way, sir,” the dark haired nurse smiled kindly at him as she beckoned him to follow her.

    He hesitated, his hand clenching his duffel bag in a death grip.

    ‘Go on Sasuke, it’ll be okay’ Listening to his conscience he followed the lady, who seemed nice.

    “I’m Hinata Hyuga by the way and the other nurse was Shizune, she’s the Head Nurse here at Konoha Mental Home.”

    Sasuke nodded silently and followed her as quiet as a shadow. They left the lobby to walk down the empty hall; the walls were painted a Caribbean blue and the floors were of white linoleum tile. For easier cleaning no doubt, he thought. Suddenly a door opened to the left and a tall blond walked out hurriedly.

    “I can’t lie about something that’s true!” He yelled into the room beyond even as the door closed behind him.

    Hinata stopped as a deep blush crept over her face. “Naru-kun, you shouldn’t be mean to others.”

    The blond spun around to reveal bright blue eyes. “The truth is mean sometimes, though, Nata-onee.”

    Sasuke held in a gasp and kept his face blank, he knew the tanned enigma, and it was Naruto Uzumaki! Why was he here though?

    ‘Don’t you remember what happened almost ten years ago?’

    He shook his head at the voice; no he didn’t remember what had happened…Should he know? Naruto turned to him and his smile suddenly disappeared a tad.

    “Uchiha-sama,” he said solemnly.

    “Hello, Naruto.”

    The blond smiled widely then. “Do you still have that stick up your a**?” Naruto chuckled, that smile back in place and taunting him.

    The urge to punch welled up in his stomach, and it was so bad that his free hand was in a fist before he knew it. But he remembered to keep his cool demeanor and smirked at the man. “Why you want it, dobe?”

    “Sasuke-kun!” Hinata exclaimed.

    He looked at her with a look that he knew would make her melt, and it did. “Sorry Hyuga-dono.” He apologized. Hinata smiled and nodded.

    “Well let’s continue then,” she said.

    The two of them walked off, a certain blond tagging along, snickering quietly about something. Of course Naruto would be nosy and follow, soon the group of three arrived at Room 103. Hinata opened the door and stood aside to allow Sasuke to walk in.

    “GAARA-CHAN!! YOU GOT A ROOMIE!” Naruto cheered as he ran past Sasuke to dash into the room.


    Growling Sasuke followed the blond to see that his new room contained two beds, two bedside tables between the beds, a closet, a small bathroom and a dresser. At first the room seemed to be empty till he noticed the red haired sitting on the bed next to the window. The blond was sat next to him, laughing and talking to the quiet man.

    “That’s Gaara Subaku. He’s been here a few years now,” Hinata whispered to him. “Naruto is the only one he lets that close. Hopefully he’ll open up to you too.”

    Then Hinata turned and left, leaving the three in the room alone. Sasuke walked towards what was obviously his sleeping place and sat down his duffel bag. Itachi better get here with the rest of my stuff, he thought as he stared at the bare bed. He looked towards the other two, who weren’t paying any attention to him. He liked it that way. Pulling out his stuff from bag he sat it on his bed in neat little piles to put them away in his side of the dresser.

    “This is Sasuke, Gaara-chan!” Naruto informed.

    Sasuke kept his gaze down, barely listening to the conversation as he continued to put his things away and tried to settle. He still wasn’t sure if he would like this place though.

    “I went to school with Sasuke when we were younger. He was the top of our class.”

    Yep, Naruto was still rambling.

    “AND….he was such an emo.”

    Sasuke took a deep breath, stood, and grabbed Naruto by the scuff of his neck.

    “Out,” he growled.

    He dragged the idiot blond, to throw him out of the room and closed the door to lock it behind him.

    “SASUKE-TEME!! LET ME IN!” Naruto yelled from the other side of the door.

    Neither of the roommates said anything, or even acknowledged the banging on the door. They were busy staring at each other. Aqua eyes lined with black and onyx eyes stared blankly at each other.

    “Just leave me alone,” the pale man, Gaara, said softly.

    “Hn.” He replied.

    He then proceeded to pull a book out of his bag to leave the room.

    “TEME!” Naruto yelled in his face.