• The War of the Vampires and the Hunters
    By: Kara Strickland

    Once upon a time in a magical land, Wait a second this may be a fairy tale, but it isn’t all happy in the beginning. This story is in the middle of a war between the vampires and the human. The humans have just discovered after many years of being hidden in the shadows that vampires were real. My name is Kara Strickland and I am the, well was the youngest vampire hunter. I am 21 years old though I look like a 17 year old and it has been three years since the secret of the vampire’s has been released. I was 14, when I learned about vampire and since then I have been trained to fight against vampires. I also have the ability to use fire and I am technically I am an immortal human or fallen angel. Though I was born a human I am still an angel. So are story starts in Florida.
    “Kara, get ready for guard duty I have heard news about vampire killings in downtown Orlando.” Michael, my evil boss said to me, as I dosed off thing about my boyfriend who ran away the day the secrets of the vampire’s was out. It was for the best, he was a vampire, and he couldn’t hang out with a human, because the vampire king would find him and kill him since he is the vampire kings reincarnation.
    “Dang it I hate guard duty” I complained to Jacob. I truly hated guard duty at night. The worst of vampires were out at these times. Jacob stared at me like usual not caring about what I said, but thinking about how pretty I looked. “Jake are you even listening?”
    “What, Kara?” Jake stared at me confused this time instead of dazed. I glared at him of course he wasn’t paying any attention to what I was saying; he only cared about him and me on guard duty in the middle of the night, alone. Suddenly I heard something move, but it wasn’t normal moving. Something was moving very fast.
    “Vampire, Jake get ready!” I shouted grabbing the daggers from my boots. I looked around waiting for what I thought was one vampire to stop moving, then I notice that there were three small children size vampires.
    “We are the tree gifted searcher vampire sent to find you, but there was a problem we couldn’t find you so our master sent us to find him, hoping to find you with him.” They said as they stared at Jacob. I thought hard, who was their master. I opened my mouth to ask them, but they answered my question before I even asked them. “Prince Eric is our master, and he wants you to know that he is coming to end the war once and for all, by killing you.” I stared shock. Suddenly something hit me. I turned to see a beautiful blond man staring angrily at me. I jumped off the ground were I had been knocked down. Suddenly we were fighting. During the fight, I got distracted, why was I fighting with Eric, I thought we cared for each other.
    “Stop, just stop,” I screamed, I was confused. Eric stared at me and started to destroy the other vampires. I was completely and utterly confused.
    “I thought you would never ask.” Eric smiled. Now I get it he set this up. The next few weeks went by and the vampire attacks decreased, while Eric was around me.
    “Kara, the war has ended, if you have notice.” I stared at him, but how. “I killed the king of all vampires, or my past life now. Three months later Eric and I got married, because since he came back our love had grown three times larger, and because the vampire and human war was over.