• It was a very cold night; one of the coldest ones during the summer times in Karakura Town. Everyone was quiet and was sound asleep in their cozy beds. It was possible to hear every sound around you. The moon hid itself behind the thick blanket of clouds, making the night darker than usual.

    In the distance, where the river flows next to Karakura Town, a female Shinigami with long black hair was running. No. She wasn't just running. She was running away from something, or someone, like she was running for her life.

    She was running away from an Arrancar. The Shinigami checked behind her every now and then to make sure the distance in between them are fairly large. You could hear her breathing heavily and her footsteps in this cold and quiet night.

    Though, something stopped the girl from running. She felt another Reiatsu nearby. Not an Arrancar's Reiatsu, but a Shinigami's.

    The Taichou of Squad 10-Hitsugaya Toushirou, stood in mid-air, above the rivers. Slowly, the moon peeked in between the layers of clouds and shone a light above these three sums. Toushirou was glaring down at this Arrancar, now which we could now identify this Arrancar as a male. He was glaring up at the just-showed-up Shinigami.

    "Heck. A Shinigami.... Wanna do me a favor and stop her from running away, Shinigami?" he lazily and impolitely, but polite in someway, asked Toushirou, pointing this thumb at the girl.

    "Why would I?" he replied back, drawing his Zanpakutou out. "My mission isn't to help my enemies, but rather defeat them." Toushirou jumped up and swung his sword down at the male Arrancar, attacking him.

    The Arrancar drew out his sword, too, but stopped midway. "Great. Aizen-sama told me not to fight!" He sheathed his sword back, and dodged the Captain's attack. He yelled out to the Captain, "I'll leave her to you. Make sure she's safe!" and disappeared within the Garantula he opened.

    Toushirou sheathed his sword back into its sheath, and turned around to face the Unfamiliar female Shinigami. He walked over to her and asked, "Are you all right?" Like that told the girl that everything was all right now, she dropped to the ground. "H-Hey!" Toushirou bent over to her. She was sound asleep, probably because of the tiredness of all the running away. He quietly lifted her up and made his way towards Urahara Shouten (Urahara Shop), and laid her down into a bed where she is safe and secured.

    The next morning, the girl woke up with the sunlight hitting her face from one of the windows. "Where... Am I?" she softly asked herself. A... room? She slowly stood up, and as she did, the doors slid open with Toushirou standing on the other side of the doors.

    "Had a nice nap?"

    "Umm.... Yes. Thank you, Shinigami-san," the girl thanked him. "Um.... Where exactly am I?" she asked back.

    "This is Urahara Shouten. I took you here since there were no other choice," the Captain explained.

    A man with white and green striped hat on his head walked up and stood behind Toushirou. "Ooohhh.. You're finally awake, aren't you!" he said excitedly. "Now, why don't we talk over in the other room? We actually do have a few questions we'd like to ask you, if that's okay if you, miss." Urahara Kisuke politely asked. The girl nodded and followed the two into the other room Urahara was talking about. They sat down around the round table, and as Tessai was getting the tea ready, the two male Shinigami's started to question this mysterious female Shinigami. "Well, then. We have a few things we'd like to know about you. But first, would you tell us your name?"

    "I'm... Suishou Crystal," the girl quietly answered.

    "Suishou-san, ne? I'm Urahara Kisuke, the owner of this shop." he gestured to Toushirou, "And this is Hitsugaya Toushirou, Taichou of Squad 10." He held a little pause before starting his real questions. "Well, do you know why the Arrancar was chasing after you?" Crystal shook her head no.

    "Sorry, but I do not remember anything from last night, nor anything about the Arrancar's.... I'm really sorry." she looked down at her hands, which were on her lap. Tessai quietly came and put down the tea in front of Crystal and left.

    "Hmm.... Don't remember anything, huh?" Urahara opened his fan. "Would it be because of the Arrancars? Do you remember anything about an Arrancar's special power to erase one's memories?" he curiously asked. Crystal shook her head no.

    "I'm really sorry. I don't remember anything that happened before the time I met you, Taichou-san, except for the fact that I was running away from him.."

    Toushirou and Urahara looked at each other. "Hmm.... Well.... It may be a little pointless to just keep asking questions that you don't remember or know, right?" Kisuke stated. "So. Why don't you take a little walk of town, hmm? Karakura Town is a really big and pretty town. Walking around might help you remember about something." Urahara suggested. "And I already even have your Gigai ready!" he exclaimed.

    Toushirou and Crystal got into their Gigai and was walking around the Town with Kurosaki Ichigo as their guide. As they were walking, they came across the Amusement park. "This is Karakura Town's amusement park." Crystal stopped walking and looked up at the large rides that she could see from the entrance. "Do you want to go in?" Ichigo asked.

    "Un..." Crystal answered, nodding. They went inside and Crystal was amused by all the rides that was there. Of course, who wouldn't be amused? This is an Amusement Park.



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