• Chapter 1

    "The Red Heart"

    There once was a boy who loved this girl ever since, yet the girl never knew. They became involved in a sorcerer's worls, they were both granted magical powers which were stored in heart-shaped crystals. Each crystal had a different color depending on how they feel during the granting ceremony. During that ceremony, the boy couldn't concentrate on getting a strong crystal because the girl kept on smiling at him everytime he looked at her. When his crystal appeared it was colored red, an old lady whispered "you must've felt a strong feeling of love while the processing your crystal, it's name is love". Later after the ceremony, the girl asked what the boy felt during the processing of his crystal, the boy said "I was feeling bravery inside of me" while looking away shyly. Three months had passed and they started their freshman year in Spinel Academy. One morning, the boy got to school really early. He was carrying a white rose which he had picked from his sister's gardeb, a white ribbon was tied in it's stem. He found the girl sadly sitting on the stairs, he gave the rose to the girl and said "a girl's best feature is her smile, so you oughta try smiling now" the girl happily accepted the rose. 'The rose symbolizes your purity and innocence, the ribbon below represents your pure and kind heart" he generously added. "May I remove the ribbon? I'd like to use it on my hair" she quietly asked. . ."yes you may" he replied. She tied it around her ponytail and promised the guy that she would always wear it. The guy didn't believe her and just said his goodbye and walked away. The girl knew that he didn't beleive her and got even sadder. One night the boy was alone thinking about telling the girl how he felt, so he called her on her cellphone and asked if they could walk home together from school, the girl approved his request. That time came, he asked if they could stop by the park for a while, the girl happily followed. When they reached the park, they sat down on the swings, he couldn't find a way to tell her. The girl started the conversation, she admitted that she had liked him ever since, he was surprized but he declined her trying to act cool. The girl cried and walked away. As she got home, she locked herself in her room and went out to her balcony, at the same time the guy happened to pass by on his way home. He wanted to tell her but she ran back inside. Next day in school she tries to avoid him until he manages to stall her in the park, lke last time he couldn't tell her, so the girl started talking "I'm going to Europe with my family next semester, maybe I can forget about ever liking you to stop being so awkward about it". Then the girl walked away, he wanted to stop her but he just couldn't. After the semester the girl came back, he was thrilled to see her, but she sadly approached him and said "I'll be coming back to Europe next week, but I'll never be able to come back, my parents only granted my request to come back here because I wanted to properly say goodbye to my close friends. . .that includes you too". As she walked away teardrops ran down his face. Later in the day the girl's brother approached him, he knew that the boy liked his sister too. So he adviced him "go write a letter to her about how you'll feel and how you really feel, she'll be leaving in a week, send it to europe ahead of time". By the end of the night he had sent the letter. After a week she got to Europe and read his letter. She quickly asked to come back for one more thing, her parents had no choice, they arranged for her to go back in her semestrial break.

    Chapter 2

    "The Lonely Sorcerer"

    Feeling sad and alone, the lonely lover boy got more devoted to sorcery, he trained real hard so that someday he could become strong and get over the girl. Few months had passed and he had already been a master sorcerer, slowly forgetting about the girl and his feelings for her. But he had noticed that as he grew to forget he becomes more weak. One day he went to his mentor to ask about his weakened power, the mentor told him "your crystal's name is love, you are starting to forget the feeling of love, in order to regain your power, you must regain love once again" he quickly thought about the girl.
    He got news that she had come back. One night he was alone at home when he heard a slight knock on their door, as he opened it, he saw that girl gladly smiling at him

    -to be continued-