• "Do you want to give yourself up to the cult dear?"
    "Oh yes Mr. Overseer!"
    With that his cold, clammy hands clutched onto my head, draining me of what power I had finally built up from doing many silly tasks. Everytime I would see our demigod, I felt an odd attraction to him.
    "Heres some saltwater Mr. Overseer!"
    "Thank you dear."
    "Do you need another sponge bath Mr. Overseer?"
    "Alittle later dear."
    No matter how many times I felt as if he was pushing me away, I still tried to please him. The other cult members looked down apon me, claiming he had no time for me, but I still didnt give up!

    One day when I was polishing the trident, he came to me. My cult robes hood was covered in soapy water that had ran down my arm.
    "polishing my trident again huh?"
    "Of course sir! A clean trident is a powerful trident!"
    I felt those cold,clammy hands grab onto my shoulder. I turned to face him.
    "I can tell you really care about the cult....and I was wondering...um..."
    For a few seconds, I saw him being taken over by embarrasment. It was odd...seeing someone so powerful being overcome with such emotion.
    "Would you like to come back to my tent with me? Its...pretty nice.."
    There was no hesitation.
    "Of course sir!!"

    He wasnt lieing about the tent, for a tent it was pretty nice. It was quite large, aquariums mimicking actual walls filled with clams and odd toys that they couldnt really use.
    "Being a leader is so hard sometimes...."
    He plopped down on a pile of pillows and blankets, grabbing onto his headpiece and with a firm yank it came off of his head. He sat aside, shaking his pale white hair out and motioning me over.
    "Its good to relax, its even better to do it with someone you can talk to."
    He sat back, running his fingers through his hair.
    "You cant talk to your clam friends?"
    "I can...but they dont have much to talk about..."
    Another cult member quickly pulled back the fabic of the Overseer's tent, poking his head inside.
    "Oh! Im sorry sir...just wanted to give you a battle update!"
    Overseer sighed angerly, the tone drasticly changing in his voice.
    "What now...?"
    "Were winning! Sentinel's forces are weakening!"
    The other cult member took the hint, leaving the tent.
    "What wrong sir...?"
    "Ugh...somedays I dont even know why I'm fighting this stupid battle!"
    He held his face in his hands, I put mine on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.
    "I just want to give up sometimes...but I cant tell my followers that, they'll think im weak!"
    "I dont think your weak..."
    His ears perked slightly and he looked at me through his hands.
    "You dont?"
    "I think your one of the strongest leaders ive ever met..."
    He smiled, reaching over and sitting his arm across my shoulder, pulling me closer.
    "You have such an urge to please me...how do I know your not just saying what I want to hear?"
    I turned my head slightly, my nose brushing against his cheek before my lips.
    "I mean it..."
    He nuzzled his head against mine, sighing contently.
    "Y'know...your the best leader ive ever met too..."
    "How exactly, Mr. Overseer?"
    "Your the Overseer to my heart..."