• "The King Lay in his royal bed, His wings Outstretching over the side.
    His Husband, The Prince and heir to his throne Stumbled in his room crying. The King Asked what was wrong to his lovley Prince. "My Husband and King, The Castle Its Under attack by Demons!" - Said the Prince. "Send the Guards Immediatly!" As the King Replys worried. "We did My Lord, Their all dead."
    He Grabs his Staff and Kisses his Prince for a long period of time, his hands then slip into his shirt and down in his Linen Pants, they kiss for a little longer then the King Rushes to the Court Yard, Only to Fight an Epic Battle With the King of Demona. The King Of Angellus Fought Hard, and strong but was Impaled by the Demonic Pitchfork's Razor Sharp Blades, The Kings blood spilt upon the Meadow and Court Yard. He fell to the ground as his staff dropped from his Weak Gauntlets. His staff Hit the ground and Shook the earth, and a Burst of Light Knocked the King of Demona Off His Demonic Horse. Time stood still as the King of Demona Walked slowly to his fallen Rival.

    "See You Prissy Light Lover!" "See Where this has gotten you!" - Shouts the Demonic lord.
    Please, let me see my Husband..." - The lord's Voice Cracks. "No! You Shall never see your prissy gay husband of yours!" The Silence Breaks Into Rage. The King Of Angellus Grabs His Staff and Knocks the King of Demona to the ground. His Foot on his chest and staff to his throat he Angerly yells:

    "Never, NEVER, Speak Down to My Princ---!" before the king could attack his fatal wounds slowly kill him. He falls and his drops, the King of Demona Trys to touch the staff but only burns himself from its Magical Barrier.
    The King of Angellus' Prince Runs onto the court yard, In fear the King Of Demona Flee's.

    Crying the Prince rushes to find his King "Killed".
    He Sobs and then he takes off his King's robes and slowly touches his smooth skin...
    The Prince Kisses his Lips, and Lays on top of his Fallen lover. Suddenly the staff rises in the air... The staff lays into the kings fallen hands. The King Coughs quietly, His Husband Is amazed and kisses him slowly.

    The king grabs his body onto his and kisses him and tounges him they slowly kiss passionatley on the meadow grass.
    Staff Uses its power to heal the King to full Strength.

    The King And Prince Went up to his Royal bedroom and Made love.
    They Layed on top of each other naked kissing and hugging.
    They Pleasured eachother romantically throughout the night.

    Rejoiced with his lover, The King and Prince shall rule the Land of Angellus for Many years to come.