• “Alexis!” Macey Mackenzie, my best friend, called out loudly, waving her perfectly manicured hand in front of my face. “Anyone home? Earth to Ms. Andrews!”
    I quickly snapped back into reality, only to see Macey’s beautiful green eyes starting at me, concerned. “What?” I smirked. "Am I like, not allowed to daydream or something?” I looked at Macey smugly.
    “You’re allowed to daydream,” she replied sourly. "Just not in the middle of the mall where people can see you” she laughed her cute little chuckle that seemed to attract boys of any kind. "Seriously, Lexi…its only normal that people will stare.”
    We walked down through the mall, passing stores of every kind, when Macey finally asked me, “So, Lexi, what were you dreaming about anyways?” I looked at her as I thought about what it was that I really dreamt about everyday.
    "You know, to be honest,” I replied. "I actually don’t remember.”
    “Well, that’s a little weird.” She stated. “Usually people remember stuff like that.”
    “Like what?” I asked, wondering what she could possibly be talking about.
    “Well,” she stammered. "You were mumbling something. I couldn’t really catch what you were saying, but I do know, you were scared . . . . .about something.”
    I looked at my best friend, as curiosity took over all the thoughts in my mind. I made a pitiful attempt to remember what I had been dreaming about, but I couldn’t seem to create an idea that I could convince myself to believe.
    "You didn’t catch anything?” I asked her again.
    We passed Macey’s favorite purse store when she finally lunged forward towards her favorite clothing store, dragging me along with her. I honestly think this mall needs to be checked by the health inspector. This much pink in one section of the building can’t be healthy for anybody. Or legal.
    “Hey, Alexis!” Macey sang sweetly. "My birthdays coming up.” She emphasized every word as if trying to decode a perfectly clear message to me.
    “Really?” I asked sarcastically. "I don't think you’ve told me enough.” I grinned at her.
    She rolled her eyes and pulled out a shirt from the rack. "I like this one.” She stated. “And lucky for you, its only…” She stopped short, mid-sentence. “Fifty-two dollars.” She smiled sheepishly, and put the shirt back on the rack. As she walked by the cash, she picked up the monthly newsletter. I glanced over her shoulder, and the title instantly caught my eye.
    “Seriously?” I asked Macey. “This lame attempt to making me look through a catalogue with clothes more expensive than my parent’s house is so. . . .cliché!”
    “What?” She said innocently. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” She walked around me in circles, pretending to think really hard about something. "Here,” she handed me the newsletter. "Would you mind holding this for a second?” She smiled. "Feel free to look through it if you wish. You know, possibly on page five, sub-section B?” She flipped the book quickly and pointed at a sparkly black and pink dress. "You know. I’m just saying.” She walked away with a skip in her step, pretending not to notice me looking at the booklet in my hand.
    I read through the small paragraph beside the dress, when I realized, she probably hadn’t.
    Available only in New York City for $27.99, otherwise bought online. Shipping and handling will come up to $49.99 +Tx.
    I was determined to buy my best friend the dress she so badly wished for. Unfortunately, I was tied between two problems. The most you’ll find in my wallet is a ball of lint, and a paper clip. Plus, I’m only fourteen and a half, my parents work all day, and there’s no way I could walk to New York all the way from New Jersey.