• “You're crazy. You're crazy. You're crazy...” Talin was saying this the whole way home through his teeth, with the four in a line. Abelina on the left, then Talula, then Walter, then Talin. The girls were chatting happily, and Walter was silent.
    “Alright,” Talula stopped at the front door. “Wait one second,” she smiled at Abelina, and peered into the mansion. “All clear,” she dragged her friend into her room, and her two followers came behind. “Alright, welcome into my room. Now!” she turned to Talin. “Get it over with!”
    Talin took a step backwards. “I... don't want to,” he said quietly. It was just so wrong. And she was a cambion... She could eat him. Talin's fears all came at once, and he took another step back. Before his sister could say anything more, he ran into his room, and collapsed on the bed, sighing. He was such a wimp.
    “Master Talin. You're home!” the curtains lifted one by one.
    He almost thought it was his imagination, but shifted to see who it was. Talin gasped, and scrambled off the bed. “Katline!!” he hugged her so close, he could only feel her warmth. She was normal again. She was back!
    “I'm sorry I wasn't there when you came back. I was fixing up your room,” Katline tried to be the maid, but she couldn't bring herself to leave his arms. “Master Talin-”
    Talin raised her chin with his hand, and kissed her. His lips felt warm, but his body felt hot. The tips of his fingers tingled, and his eyes changed color, a bloody red that no normal person had. Talin's hands moved on their own, wrapping Katline as tightly as he could. It felt so good, as if it were a king's dinner.
    “Master Talin!” Katline turned away and tried to put her hands up, but he wouldn't stop. “Master Talin! Please stop!” she cried.
    Talin couldn't help himself. He had never felt this way before. It was intoxicating. He pushed Katline on the bed, still not letting go. He held her hands so she couldn't push him away. Talin couldn't stop. He was something other than himself. Talin stopped kissing her, and went down to her dress, and ripped it open with his teeth.
    “Master Talin! Please stop!! Please!!!” Katline turned away.
    Talin turned suddenly, to see who called his name. His vision was blurry from being power drunk, but he made out two long pigtails of a yellow color. Hands on her hips, with a controlling look on her face. Walter was right behind her, watching everything with cold eyes.
    “Get off of her, now!” she shouted at him.
    Talin didn't want to. He was thirsty for more. She couldn't do anything to him. Talin wanted to test her. He leaned forward on Katline, and kissed her.
    “I told you off!!” Talula ran up to him, and slapped him hard enough to make him fly, and hit the ground. She turned to Katline, and sat her up. “It's okay now. He's not going to hurt you,” she whispered in her ear, and hugged her comfortingly.
    Walter moved in the way of Talin once he sat up. He glared straight back at Talin, not speaking one word. He did not move because he was not powerful enough to protect himself if Talin was going to attack him, but he would protect his mistress at all cost.
    “Get out!!!! All of you!!! I demand all of you get out!!!” Talin threw a furious fist at the ground.
    Talula took a safety pin out of her pocket, and pinned Katline's torn dress together. Then she stood up, and turned coldly to Talin. “You have no right to throw me out. I am the heir to the clan. I pull rank. Now I demand that you tell me what the hell is going on in that stupid brain of yours,” Talula put her hand on her hip, and stood in front of Talin. She didn't fear him at all. He was no threat.
    Talin kept silent. The warmth in his body was fading. He felt plain again. He glared at the ground, angry at what he had done.
    “Talin!! Tell me what's going on!” Talula shouted at him.
    “Katline's a cambion.”
    Talula and Walter looked back at the girl sitting on the bed, wide eyed. Talula's heart skipped a beat. She looked so innocent and scared. There was no way. Talula turned back to Talin. “What do you think your playing at!?”
    “I have my powers. I kissed her once, and I felt weird. I can't see right, everything is blurry. That's gotta be something, right? And you said I could only get my powers by kissing a cambion,” he reasoned. He rubbed his eyes, but they were still blurry.
    Talula and Walter looked to Katline once more. She was still in shock from what had almost happened to her. Both Talula and Walter moved so their backs weren't to the supposed cambion. “So-”
    “Talulaaa! I'm trying to get you to do my homework. You're bad-” Abelina walked in with her cheerful face, but blinked at the situation. “Am I... interrupting something?” she looked at all of the people she knew, and stared at Katline. “Oh my God...” she took a step forward, one after the other.
    Katline stared right back. She tried to get up, but she fell back down because she was drained of a lot of energy. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She raised her arms, and touched Abelina's hands.
    Seeing the two together kind of freaked the rest of them out. They looked oddly similar, when you put them next to each other. Talin got up, still watching the two. “Ah... Are you two...” he began.
    “That would explain why she's a cambion...” she whispered to Talin.
    Talin froze. That meant that he had not one, but two cambions in his room right now. He shuttered, thinking about all the time Katline had spent in his room. She could've eaten him! “So... Does that mean Mom doesn't know?” he looked at his sister, and she looked back at him.
    “Yes, I figured it out. That's why I let her go,” Sayline had somehow come from the doorway. “My plan worked, my baby boy,” she hugged Talin tightly, and smiled at him. “You're a full incubus! You can now become the heir. You are the oldest, and you have your powers, I don't see why you couldn't do it.” She spoke as if she had a plan all to herself.
    “Mom,” Talula motioned to the other two girls, but she was ignored.
    “What are you planning?” Talin stepped back, leaving his mother's arms.