• As the Cicadas chirped constantly, I felt that as if they were

    trying to warn me, tell me, that I should leave the town. As I

    was thinking this, I heard a voice.''Carlaaa, where are youu??I

    know You are here..'' That was nonother than Samantha, My best

    Friend. Now Why she was calling me, I Cant remember, but

    maybe if I looked at my legs-which happened to be painfully

    bleeding and half dismembered-I can remember the small bits

    of why I was hiding, and why I was hiding from my best friend.

    I had just moved to the town two weeks ago, and I did'nt know

    anybody whatsoever, but I made friends two days after I moved.

    The first person I met was Maya, a/an Upperclassmen at school.

    She is most likely to be called a ''Tomboy'', but once in a while,

    she can be really supportive. Then I met two twin boys, both 7

    years old. Sammy and Riley loved to bug us, but thats mostly

    Sammy. That little conceited brat, he loves to prank me alot.

    One time he put a whoopie cushion on my chair, and people

    thought I did that.Riley,on the other hand, is a sweetie.

    He does bug me, but with random not funny jokes. Samantha

    loves to hug him because he's a cutie. Now Samantha, my best

    friend, happens to be the best friend anyone wants. Now the

    thing thats best about her is that shes nice and defends you

    from mean people. But one week later, my wonderful life in

    this town changed.

    Our school was having a festival for the school founder

    or guardian, and the whole school was helping out. I

    did'nt know a thing about this, so I asked Maya.''Oh, so

    you want to know what this festival is for right?Well you

    should've been listening in class you lazy bum''Thats all

    I heard because I was so distracted and noticed that Samantha

    was'nt around helping the class, in fact I saw her, talking to our

    teacher-who looked serious for the first time-. As I stared at

    Samantha, who was walking to her seat very mysteriously, I

    started to walk to her, but Maya stopped me for some reason.

    ''Maya, what are you Doing?!?!I want to see whats wrong with-''

    Maya gave me this look that scared me.''Dont....Not the good

    time to...Around the day of the festival, people dont bother her

    and neither should you''Maya gave me a really serious face like

    the teacher did. Why am I not allowed to??Why??Best friends try

    to make each feel better...But that thinking somehow made it

    worse. The next few days, I did'nt see Maya or Samantha at


    It was the day of the festival and I have'nt seen Samantha or

    Maya at all. I sat in my seat, worried.''Carlaa..you ok? You seem

    a bit sad...''Riley suddenly appeared next to me, with Sammy,

    who was looking a bit quiet and melancholic. I looked at Riley,

    and I tried to smile.''Im fine....''Sammy suddenly wide-eyed and

    grabbed me.''You Are not ok!!You know that Maya

    and Samantha have been missing for 5 days straight!!You were

    the last one to see them!!what did you do to them?!?!''Sammy

    cried out.Riley tried to calm him down,while I was deeply

    shocked. What was Sammy talking about?What Did he mean

    by last person to see them?I stood up and ran out.

    And thats what happened. The rest is a blur to me because

    all I remember is that Samantha attacked me with her hatchet.

    I sat there, frightened and in pain, when suddenly something

    hit the back of my neck, and I saw blood on my neck, and hands.

    There was Maya,with a baseball bat, covered in my blood,

    laughing insanely. I now remembered why they were killing me.

    I had Wondered too much about the secrets of the school

    guardian/founder and found out that this festival is a curse to

    people who disobey the rules of the school, or do anything to the

    main families, and I realized that I had done both. Not only did I

    Skip school just to find them, I had scolded Maya and Samantha

    for leaving me, not telling me a thing that the school founder is

    themselves. As I fell to the ground, I felt something hit me, like

    as if someone was holding me up. Samantha was holding me up

    , talking to Maya, but I couldnt understand what they were

    saying because when Maya hit my neck, the blood covered my

    ears, since she also hitted me on the top of my head, but barely

    dodged it. I felt something sharp on my arm, and then I blacked


    ''Huh?!''I woke up, in a hospital bed, surrounded by my

    the twins , who hugged me. I saw Riley and

    Sammy stand next to the window,pointing outside.

    I tried to stand up, and what I saw was the Police were

    interrogating Maya and Samantha. I stared and the police

    went away. This was very weired, but if this might go on,

    I might have to move, so I prayed that I would'nt have

    to move, and hoped that nothing bad like this would happen