• The hall fell silent as they noted the King and looked up at him. "Knights and nobles of Tristam, I have just learned of a terrible deed. The knight Sir Roald Bartave, attacked a young woman this day. Sir Aric was able to defend the woman against his advances, yet I believe that the law must be upheld. The law clearly speaks against such horrid acts, and the punishment is banishment and the removal of lands and titles. My good knights, I ask you to help me in deciding if this is fitting, as he is one of you. All in favor of the punishment say 'Aye'." The King requested.

    The room erupted into a chorus of ayes, as all of the knights agreed to the punishment. Most were simply upholding the law, but some thought of their own daughters, and how they would feel. The King once again held up his hands for silence and decreed, "Then it is decided. Roald Bartave of Hienland is here by banished and stripped of all lands and titles. All who are found to harbor such a man are to meet the same fate. Now, I know this may have put some out of their appetite, but I for one am still famished. Let the feast begin."

    The servants started to bring out exquistite foods from the kitchens and place the large, overflowing platters on the tables. The people started to grab what they found appealing and eat, while Lorina looked at Aric. "Sir Aric?" She asked.

    He had a piece of turkey halfway to his mouth and replied, "Please don't say 'Sir'. It makes me feel stupid. What is it?"

    "Why did you speak against one of your fellow knights?" Was the simple question.

    Aric stopped chewing and swallowed, looking directly into her eyes. "He is not a knight. Knights do not behave in such a manner. Knights are sworn to protect all the realm and its' people. Oh, you may want to move over. Remy is comming over here." He stated.

    Lorina looked up to her left and saw that, indeed, Remy was comming over to join them. She moved closer to Aric to create room for her and watched her friend sit down. "I believe that you must try the turkey. It is quite wonderful." Remy said.

    Lorina looked at the meat and grabbed a small portion, ready to try something new once more...