• Rain

    It rained every day. The purple water constantly dripped down the windows, but the strange gravity of this world forced the water to tumble off the southern hemisphere and into the abyss of space. The people of the planet were pale and deprived of sunlight. They had always believed the rain was toxic and impure. No one looked at the rain. No one went into the rain. It was evil, that’s what they thought. Except for one.
    Aris stared at the rain from the window; he was alone. The purple fluid endlessly sparked his curiosity. He desperately wanted to know more. He would dream of venturing into it. No one understood him and his fascination with the cursed rain. But he did not care; he was planning for his escape.
    There were no doors to the outside world, so he had to create one. He had already planned what he would do. He’d made a small hole behind his dresser and the day for escape was near. Finally the door to the rain was complete and he cautiously stepped out of his room and into the unknown. The rain sizzled on his protective coat. Aris felt free. He ran into it and was happy. The swampy grass squished underneath his boots as he looked at his surroundings. The air was cool and fresh.
    Suddenly, Aris felt a burning sensation on the skin of his left arm. His coat had completely dissolved and the rain had burned through his skin and entered his bloodstream. Aris tried to struggle back desperate-, he realized too late that his people were right, the rain was evil. His idea of freedom was shattered. Purple light flooded his vision as Aris was consumed by the rain.