• As Darlen ran down the dark hall filled with statues and paintings, she called
    out her fiances name. "Sunni" she screamed tripping over the edge of her
    dress, "Sunni, where art thou". Darlen paniced as she pushed open each door, examining every inch of the room. Her white flowing dress now covered with dirt at the bottom, as her hair was long and tangled. It swooped infront of her face, getting caught in her soft pink lipstick.
    "Sunni, my love, where ever thou are" she spoke weeping into her hands, "cometh to me... soon". She fell to her knees in sign of defeat, she needed to tell him the bad news. Her heart raced, as her knees shook. She had nothing to do but cry in her place.
    The cold floor devoured her salty tears that rained from her eyes. Darlen tried to put herself together and show no emotion. She began to whisper to herself, "Keep yourself together Darlen, you don't want...". Suddenly, Shar, her step father, cut her off, "You don't want what.... Darlen".
    Darlen looked back in astonishment, she wasn't expecting anyone to be home. She quickly through her tears onto the floor and dusted herself off. "Nothing sir.... nothing" she forced out, trying to keep her tears back. Her eyes swollen and red, it was obvious what she was previously doing. Her shoulders slumped in sorrow, as her frown sagged on her face. "Sir, I would like to go to my room.... If..... If you don't mind" Darlen said, trying to escape the questions that she didn't want to answer. She began to look into his eyes, as her sadness began to show. "What shall be the problem, your eyes.... they show much pain" Shar said wiping the tear that started to fall.
    Her cheeks flushed pink and her face pale. She didn't want to tell him anything, yet, she wanted to tell him everything.