• A young boy around the age of ten decided to take his dog for a walk one summer eve. The boy’s name was Tim he was very childish even though he was clever for his age. His dog resembled a shadow which had been outstretched by the evening sun. At night you could lose him if it wasn’t for its bright white teeth and the dogs loud barking.

    Tim started his journey the same as always everyday, first his shoes, then his coat, then the dog lead and then second, find dog, put lead on and leave. He went out around seven o’clock and then for some reason even unknown to himself he decided to take the trail through the dried up forest. It was around ten o’clock before he realised he had become lost and it was already night, as well as the fact that there seemed to be a lot of noise coming from all directions of the forest. To Tim the forest seemed to come alive and the trees seemed to follow him wherever he turned, his dog could sense the fear from his owner and ran into the woods after Tim had fearfully dropped the lead.

    The fact that his dog had left him soon came to the boy which made him realise that he was all alone in the forest and lost as well. At this point he was terrified to the point were he was seeing things that weren’t even there.

    The wolves were eating what food they could find in their wasteland of dead bark and dying grass. They were lucky to find a nest of birds which had only recently fallen from a tree and killed by a few dead branches which had broken off and crushed their injured bodies. The wolves were skinny from food loss and this was easy to see because of the bones that were poking at their skins. Their fur however was white and reflected the glow from the full moon as if they were mirrors. Snap bang snap, They heard the sound of two creatures moving in the forest and they all instantly thought Prey!! The leader of the pack howled towards the moon signalling to the pack that they had found prey.

    Tim heard the howling from the direction that his dog went and for the first time in his life that he didn’t want to be alone and rushed that direction to meet with his companion. The howling got louder and louder the deeper into the forest he went, the closer he got the faster he ran wanting to go back, back to were he’s warm happy, cosy and most of all safe. He didn’t care about the forest or anything he was scared, frightened and alone in a forest which was worse than any nightmare.

    The wolves heard the rushing of their pray and drooled at the smell of fresh meat they rushed to hide behind the dead and rotting trees to avoid losing their prey, they hid in the shadows of the trees to the point were they nearly blended in with the dead forest. Their lust for food drove the wolves insane, they were almost like murderers in the night waiting for the signal to raid a settlement of all its goods. The blood in their veins pumped throughout there bodies raising there thirst for blood as well as a hunt.

    The boy stops unable to hear the howling of his companion anymore but instead a dead silence which made the swaying of the trees easy to hear. No clues told if he was hallucinating or if it was real. He stood still quietly waiting for a sound to tell him where his dog was. He listens for a sound and waited but still nothing he waited and waited and waited………

    The wolves had stopped listened for their prey and looked through the dead branches of the trees looking for it using their senses for the hunt, trying to pick up any scent of the prey’s fresh, meaty and juicy prey. They wait sniffing the air for the smallest hint of where it could be but still nothing. They search the area not wanting to lose the only meal they could have for days. One catches the scent and they all go towards were their food awaits, they go as fast as their bony legs can take them not wanting to lose there prey again running and running faster; getting closer and closer still wanting their meal more than anything the scent has driven the wolves into nothing more than blood thirsty animals. They carry on hunting following the scent, which is getting closer and closer.

    Tim heard the barking of many animals and realised that the howling was coming from a pack of wolves. He runs as fast as his little two legs could take him wishing and thinking that its only a dream while knowing it wasn’t. He broke out into an open area and thinks that he has finally lost them but he was wrong, dead wrong and the dead part was getting closer by every heartbeat. He turns. And it was all over, a wolf was standing right in front of him and before he could think of anything it pounced. The rest of the pack rushed in wanting to their meat. They tore at his flesh and crushed his bones against their teeth and feasted.

    Later that night the wolfs were found outside the boys house dried up completely. No one ever found the remains of the boy or his pet dog it was as if they had disappeared from thin air. But late at night you can hear the boys laughter from the forest and anyone who has ever gone into the forest following the voice have never been seen again.