• Ice Clan
    Territory: Lake Acurity/ rt. 217

    Leader: Charged with the responsibility to watch over, manage, maintaining discipline, order and protection to an entire clan/#Blizzardprint: Easygoing & old; grateful for the warmth of his clan. Wears a Zinc band. Rookie:*Shyphase
    Lietenant: the second-in-command to the leader and responsible for organizing the clan/*Breezetail: Wears a plain glittering sliver scarf with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:#Bouncephase
    Healer: Heals the clan's injuries and deciphers signs sent from Star Clan/#Frostbite: Trustworthy & smart; Loves to be in the nursery with the pups so much he actually moved his chamber in there. Wears a Persim scarf.
    Warriors: Pokemon who've devoted their lives to protect, defend, and feed the clan /*Diamondtail: Inconsiderate & skillful; mother of Crowfood. Wears a plain glittering crimson scarf with an Ice symbol. Rookie: *Snowphase
    *Featherstorm: Wears a plain glittering onyx band with an Ice symbol. Rookie:#Whitephase
    #Icefang: Wears a plain glittering light colbat scarf with an Ice symbol. Rookie:*Crystalphase
    #Fringeheart: Wears a plain glittering gold band with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:#Articphase
    *Cloudpaws: Wears a plain glittering bronze band with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:*Cottonphase
    *Bluenose: Wears a plain glittering copper scarf with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:*Hollyphase
    *Frostpelt: Wears a plain glittering matallic pink band with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:*Mossphase
    #Raggedtail: Wears a plain glittering matallic sliver band with a white Ice symbol. Rookie:#Clawphase
    Queens: Females caring for their young in the nursery/*Mirrorpelt: Wears a plain glittering metallic blue scarf with a white Ice symbol. Fathering Icefang's pups. Pups/ Nightpup & Kelppup.
    Elders: Retired Warriors/*Moonpool #Lepardpelt

    #=Male *=Female

    Chapter #9
    The Journey through Mt. Coronet
    Part 1

    It's been two days since that night (or at least that is what it felt like. It's hard to tell when you wake up in a dark cave. Only the light that creeps through the cracks in the walls would determin which is day or night). As soon as a bright light streamed thourgh the cave cracks the party departed. Only Fringeheart, Articphase, and I know of the events that occurred that night. And I still haven't let my guard down. I still ponder about how Aries could mistake Cloudpaws for her missing sister? Wasn't she human? And Cloudpaws....
    I glanced behind Leopardpelt at the she-Glaceon padding side-by-side with Fringeheart. Even Fringeheart seemed to be aware of the threat looming over his mate's head because all his senses were alert and focused on the dark.
    A pelt brushed agianst mines and Articphase's scent flooded my nose. "Maybe she won't come back. We haven't heard of her since that night." A little hopeful he added, "Maybe we scared her away and she's given up on the whole thing?" I doubted that was the reason. Aries is a spirt with great power. It's gonna take more than rocks to stop her.
    A strange scent on the breeze floated across my nose. It smelt heavy yet fresh at the same time. I could feel Articphase tingling with excitment. "Did you smell that too Mossphase? That's the smell of grass. We must be getting closer to Celestic Town. I've been through there before." Wow that's what the grass here smells like?! A shiver of anticipation ran thourgh my fur. The grass here has such a stronge pungent scent compared to home.
    Without thinking I blurted out, " Are there meadows and flowers?"
    "Not where we're going," Articphase replied." The clan gathering is east from here. The flower meadows are located west. Only Frostbite can go through that area when he goes to his talk to Star Clan with the other clan's healers on Full Moon Island on half moon nights."
    Just when he caught the glimpse of disappointment in my eyes, he quickly stammered, " B-b-but there are other things to look forward to! Like...waterfalls, and tall grass, and fogs."
    I perked my ears. Was their more to the world outside these unusually dark caverns than bright foliage and warm air? I was just about to drop a rock pile of question on him when Blizzardprint halted and turned to face his clan. "Now that we are approaching the passageway to Celestic Town once agian, it is time for me to annouce who will head farther out to Hearthome City."
    There was a brief outbreak before everyone quieted down agian. I felt as if a cold stone was rolling around in my belly. "What does Blizzardprint mean by who'll go farther out? I thought we were all going to the gathering together."
    Articphase whispered to me with a trace of bitterness in his voice. "We did until Thunder Clan started complaining about how they're tired of Ice Clan in their territory when they already have Sun Clan and Water Clan to watch over a few gatherings ago. They said it's too much mouthes to feed. The leader of Moon Clan was happy to accept half of the gathering party but, Blizzardprint had to beg the leader of Leaf Clan to go along with the idea as well. Lighteningprint was trying to start an unnessesary agurment with Leaf Clan like he always do but, he just ended up making a fool out of Ice Clan." Articphase stared down at his paws and muttered. " You would'nt believe how many warriors and rookies died trying to get to the next gathering after that..." He then dug his claws in the hard soil underpaw. " I'll be damn if I don't get choosen to go farther down the mountains. Just the thought of Thunder Clan pisses me off! And Star Clan knows what I'll do to them if I have to live anywhere near their camp for a few days..."
    Articphase let his eyes drift towards the caves behind us. Suddenly his eyes widened and his fur bristled. "I don't believe this!" He muttered furiously under his breath. I spotted Snowphase at the far end of the party digging her face in mother's fur while she rasped her tongue over Snowphase's gravel-coated pelt. Purring could be heard from the both of them. "Since when was Snowphase Diamondtail's pup!"
    I brushed my tail down his back while focusing on Blizzardprint and whispered. "Just let it go."
    Articphase along with myself was surprised at how unnaturally calm I was being. Any creature would burn with fury or grief when they realize their parents pushed them aside so easily. I guess I've known that all along. Yet a spark of jealousy flickered in my mind. But mother snaps at everyone, especailly at me. What made Snowphase so specail?
    Blizzardprint cleared his throat. "These are the pokemon that will go farther out. Breezetail, Crowfoodphase, Whitephase, Snowphase...Diamondtail, Clawphase, Fringeheart, Frostbite, and Bluenose."
    As soon as Blizzardprint finished his annoucement, Articphase cursed under his breath and Raggedtail snarled. "I'd rather pad farther down the rocky snow covered mountains until my pads are bleeding, than stay with those damn Jolteons at Thunder Clan!"
    Frostpelt and Bouncephase murmured in agreement while Frostbite gazed at him with a sorrowful look in his eyes. "I know your still grieving over Soulphase, I understand. She was my healer rookie and for that she will be deeply missed by her clan. Thunder Clan isn't to blame for her death."
    Raggedtail slowly shook his head as if he was trying to shake out some bad memories. "But yet, you still wouldn't understand. You have never loved her like I did. I loved her more than life itself. And now she's gone! If Thunder Clan wasn't to blame then who?!"
    I never seen the grumpy warrior wail like a pup before. And I doubt that the group haven't either. Only Diamondtail and Snowphase seemed unaffected by the grieving older warrior. Diamondtail chuckled though her eyes were stern. "Soulphase died seasons before most of these rookies were even born. And your still grieving over her? She was weak from the start and you all knew it."-Mother ran her eyes across the whole party until her eyes rested back on Raggedtail-" Especailly you Raggedtail, admit it!"
    Raggedtail swung his head at the frighteningly calm warrior. "How dare you sit there and talk about my decease mate, you poor excuse for a warrior!" He spat. His pelt puffed out until it made him appear twice a big. "You claim she was weak when we were all tired and miserable. All you did was stay behind in the safety of the others and watch us all slowly die in the mountains! Every pool of water you found or prey you caught--you kept it all for yourself! Frostbite is right, it's not Thunder Clan I should be furious at--it's you! Only Star Clan knows why your still here instead of wandering around like a filty rou--!"
    "Because I was pregnant with-" Mother glance at me watching her from the other side the party. Slight hope glimmered in my chest. Since she seemed so affectionate towards Snowphase maybe she'll realize her mistake..."-someone as equally as pathetic as Soulphase! Maybe even worse."
    Just as the elder warrior was about to fling himself at the Diamondtail, a stiff breeze whispered in the caverns, " Found you! I make sure these annoying pest won't interfer with us this time..." Fish bile! It's Aries. She found us!
    There was a sharp whack, like the sound of hard ice thrown agianst stone, and hollow cracking noises bounced off the rocks. Everything from the cave walls to the floor shook violently. Giant rocks broke off of the ceiling and crashed a tail length away from me and Articphase.
    " It's an avalanche!" Cloudpaws cried.
    "Quickly, everyone head for the passageway to Celetic Town!" Blizzardprint barked.
    Bouncephase, Raggedtail, and Leopardpelt darted deeper into the caves with tumbling rocks at their tails. Clawphase was frantically calling out his sibliings names until Bluenose's jaws meet his scruff and bolted. Heartbeats later a massive boulder crashed down from where Clawphase use to stand. Articphase nudged me up. "Come on Mossphase," He shouted over the screeching Ice Clan party. "We can't stay here our we'll be crushed to death!"
    "We can't go yet where's Crystalphase and Whitephase?!" The two rookies was bunched together under a feeble rock ledge. I ran up to them a yelled. "You guys must be fish brains to think that weak ledge is gonna help you guys! Hurry up!"
    Another series of rocks came crashing down nearly missing us. The two quickly dashed out and headed into the tunnels after the others. Before Articphase and I could run after them, a sickening thought came to mind. Where's mother and Snowphase?! Just as I thought that, Diamondtail's blue fur blured pass. "Mother! Where's Snowphase?!"
    Diamondtail halted and cocked her head. Her crimson red bandana missing. "If she's not keeping up with me like I instructed her to do, then I not going to risk my life for hers. Only the strong prevail and the weak fail!" She then bolted off without a second glance.
    Articphase bumped me in the shoulder with his head. "If Diamondtail isn't going to go after her then we'll have to!"
    We anxiously stared around in the gloom. I tried to concentract more on the Snowphase instead of the frightened wails and the echos of heavy rocks smashing agianst the hard floor. "Snowphase! Quick tell me where you are!"
    "Diamondtail? Is that you?"
    Slightly annoyed I replied. "Yes! Follow my voice!"
    Snowphase quickly limped out from behind a fallen rock. Articphase whipped around scampered over to supported Snowphase from one side, while I leaned agianst her otherside. Only when I was a nose length away from her face when I realized she had mother's missing bandana in her mouth. "You're not my mentor. Where's Diamondtail?" She muttered thourgh the fabric.
    "Uh...waiting for you deeper down the tunnels." Even though I lied, it seemed to have to worked because now she was determined and quickly limped out of a falling rocks way. By the time the we exited the tunnel, the cave collasped. Still the avalanche continues to fall. Just as we moved towards another cave, more massive rocks broke of and blocked off the remaining passages. We were now boxed in a rapidly collasping room.
    Star Clan please help us! The familiar tang of stars flaked my nose and I frantically scearched about in the pitch darkness. I gazed up at a enormous stone and perched on top was two starry Eevees sitting side-by-side. Unreadable indigo and amber eyes rested squarely on my shoulders. Hawkpup and Wildpup-I mean-Hawkphase and Wildphase? I glanced at Articphase and Snowphase but they look as if they haven't the slightly clue that there was starry spirits among us. I blinked back at my brothers. Have you two come down from Sliveridge to help us?
    Hawkphase leaped off and landed lightly on the shaking sandy floor with Wildphase not to far behind. "This way hurry! " Hawkphase then darted across me and vanished behind another massive rock.
    Wildphase on the other paw, briefly stopped infront of me and barked. "There's a narrow crack inbetween the boulder you and the others can squeeze through. We'll be waiting for you on the otherside to guide you back to Ice Clan!" He then scampered through the crack, leaving a trail of faintly glowing pawprints etched with stars.
    "We're gonna be crushed if we don't get out of here!" Articphase wail brought me back to my senses.
    Without a moment to lose I whipped my head back at the paniced rookies. "There's a hole through those rocks"-I pointed at pile with my tail-"I think we can to the otherside."
    Articphase gave me a searching look but thankfully he didn't press on any questions. I abandoned Snowphase to stand near the hole where the starry pawprints end and watched them limp as quickly as they could. I nudged Snowphase to go first and for a few heartbeats, she stared uncertainly at me before she tunneled her way through. I waited until Articphase gone pass before I burrow my way in. I screeched when a sharp rock dropped down hard on my tail and wave of pain shot out. I thought I got pinned down before Articphase's teeth meet my scruff and help pull me out. Moments later an ear-splitting rumbles filled the empty cavern until it hushed down to a tremers and gravel was spit out through the crack.
    Despite escaping near death, the threath of being crushed literally hung over our heads. Rocks rangeing from pebbles to boulders continued to drop. Little holes of light shining vividly through cracks in the cavern walls silhoutted agianst the rocks made them look like heavy black rain pounding down on our backs. Yet I didn't let that distract me.
    I searched the sandy floor for starry prints leading up to Wildphase and Hawkphase a tree-lenght away. As soon as their warm eyes meet mines, the two ran down another cave into it's abyss; leaving their marks behind them. And there scent vanished on the faint breeze. Thank you Wildphase and Hawkphase. I then gathered the two rookies and followed the pawprints my brothers laid down for us that only I can see.

    l idea

    I wanted to collapse onto the rocky earth with relief when the gathering party came into veiw, resting on top of a raised hill. The pawprints ended abruptly into a crumbling chamber. The rock fall eased up a little here but, there was still gravel and stones raining from above. Crystalphase shot up from where she was resting, waving her tail uncontrolably. She threw her head back at the party. "Everyone look! It's Mossphase and Articphase! And they have Snowphase with them!"
    Rookies pelted down the hill and immediantly mobbed us.
    "I thought you guys got buried under rocks!" Hollyphase fretted. "I was scared you wouldn't come back!"
    " See? I told you to have faith in our ancestors." Whitephase murmured into his sister's ear.
    "Yeah...prayed to Star Clan the same thing dosen't happen to us."
    Suddenly a tremendous tremer shook the ground underpaw knocked me off my paws and toppled over Whitephase standing behind me. Blizzardprint voice could be heard from over the hill. "The cave is starting to collaspe! Where are the rookies!?"
    "There down at the bottom greeting Mossphase and the other." That was Bouncephase shouting over the noise.
    More rocks started to rain down infront of the small group of rookies butched up together. Cloudpaws and Breezetail scrambled through the painful rocks with Bluenose hard on their paws. Immediantly pushing us under a rock cliff. Out of the overhang I saw Crystalphase stood near the edge of the hill before darting down the hill. "Crystalphase come back!" Leopardpelt croaked. "It's too dangerous!"
    "But I can't leave Whitephase like that!" She wailed.
    "What?!" I squeezed my way thourgh Bluenose and Breezetail. Running my eyes along the cavern, in the gloom I could see Whitephase's paw stuck in an underground pocket. Eyeing up at the ceiling, I was mortified when a giant rock hanging over Whitephase's head was tempting to drop at any second. I dashed out from underneath, ignoring the cries from the other rookies, until I was by the helpless rookie's side struggling to yank his paw out. Finally the hole gave away and freed Whitephase only to get violently pushed aside just in time before the boulder came crashing down.
    For some mysterious reason, my eyes wandered the chamber until they rested on mother. She was sitting contempt behind the other half of the party, gazing up at some part of the ceiling somewhere. Curious, I followed her gaze until my eye came upon a cluster of massive boulders ready to fall. I tired to pin-point the location where it'll fall in my mind and suddenly my fur stood on edge. I hurried up to my paws. "Crystalphase! Move!!" I shouted before a blunt rock whacked me upside my head.
    As I spoke, the boulders gave away. The relief that once glimmered in her eyes suddenly shifted to a horrified expression. She tired to run towards the wild cries of the others but their voices bounced off the wall, confusing the already paniced rookie. And everywhere she turned a gigantic rock would block her way. Slowly but surely, the rocks piled upon each other. Slowly muffling Crystalphase's frantic wails until it abruptly cut off. Only the sound of gravel pounding agianst the cave floor could be heard before I drifted into unconcouisness.

    l idea

    I dreamt myself back in the safety of the nursery back in Ice Clan. Curled up in the warm cotton nest, with the familiar herb and milkly scent flooding my nose. Everything was so calm and peaceful...yet I knew at heart that I've left the comforts of that place far behind me.
    Rising to my paws, the smell of stars and gravel floated in the air. I padded my way out of the unusually empty nursery and into the silent clearing. Seated in the middle of the clearing was Crystalphase. Her tail curled neatly around her paws as she gazed longingly up at the strange, brightly star lite sky. When I took a pawstep farther my paw crunched loudly underneath the pale snow.
    Only when Crystalphase rested her eyes on me did I realized that her sand coated pelt was mix with the unmistakable stars from above. Grief stabbed my heart like a claw ranking across my belly. "Oh Crystalphase..." I whispered.
    Crystalphase then dropped her gazed down to her starry paws. "I have to go." She muttered.
    "You can't go." I wanted to wail. "It's not fair."
    Shifting her gaze back at the sky she murmured. "...They're calling me....Star Clan wants me to go now."
    Soon a faintly glowing line of stars spirled down from the sky. By the time the trail reached the cold snow below, a staircase of stars was layed out in front of Crystalphase. Pawprints of warrior ancestors before us embroded on the path. She rose and padded up to me until our noses touched. I felt tears weiling in my eyes."I can't help my clan in the way I am now." She almost sounded wiser beyond her years. " All I can do now is watch from above and help guide my clan down the right path. Promise me you'll protect our clanmates even at the cost of your own life. Like you did for my brother."
    I closed my eyes to stop the tears from pouring out. "Everyone will miss you..."
    I felt a cool tongue scrape agianst my ear. "I know. Tell them I will always be with them. Tell that to my brothers. Farewell."
    My eyes opened and fell upon the starry staircase. Crystalphase was already halfway up the staircase by now. I watched her go until she, along with the starry staircase, vanished into the indigo sky. "...Farewell..." I whispered back. "May Star Clan welcome you with open paws."
    Reluntantly I rested my head on my paws and let the cold comfort of sleep and snow wash over.