• Daniel Marshall walked own the hallway, girls surrounding him as he told tales about how he "killed" me. A rookie trying to kill a well known Vampire, lets just say he was lucky to get away with his life. But somehow it worked out well for me, all my enemies thought I was down for the count. So most of them, I caught by surprise. I smiled wildly as the hallway became silent, realizing who was standing there.
    " Hello Danny." I said, watching his guard fall. The girls promptly turned around and ran a few hundred meters, then spinned back around to face me. I stared at one of them, invading her mind. Her memories intruded my head, like rain falling heavily from the sky. I instantly felt sorry for her, her life was filled with sorrow. I hung my head for a second in shame. I felt terrible for using her like this. I raised my hand and she walked forward until she was by my side. " Mary!" A boy yelled and raced toward me. I held up my other hand and he froze in place.
    " Now Danny, do you really want these people to suffer," I mocked using the words he used when he had captured me, " Come to me and no one will be hurt." He opened his mouth to speak but Mary spoke, " Daniel! Don't do it." I turned toward her, glaring at her. " Shut up, girl!" I screamed and slowly tightened my hand into a fist, creating a mirage of pain. She fell onto the ground, crying. I almost cried myself, remorse was overwhelming me. I just wanted to get it over with. Daniel's eyes were wild with fear as I walked toward him. “ Stop!” He yelled and fell to his knees. “ Fine. I will go.” The hallway was completley silent as I approched him and stood him up. “ No. I will not allow it, Danny. I could never do this to you.” He closed his eyes. “ I don't understand, Kay. I did everything bad to you, and you still forgive me?” I smiled and nodded. I released the boy and Mary from my hold and they ran to each other, embracing each other. A tear rolled down my face as he kissed me.