• Once upon a time, there once was an existing place called Heaven. In heaven, the ground would be covered by the clouds. Angels would fly or walked over the clouds and cherish the wonderful heaven life they had.
    There lived a girl named Droplet. She too, was an angel. She had sapphire eyes and black silky hair. And her father had silver long hair that reached his elbows and white eyes. He too, was an angel. He was the leader, the king, the gods of the angels.
    . . .

    One terrifying day, Droplet found herself on the floor in the middle of the heaven’s hall. She blinked once, then twice. She then gave out a little yawn.
    “Why am I here…?” She said, confused. She looked around and stood up gently, and looked out at the window. She saw it. She had seen the most terrifying image in her heaven life. Something was wrong, and she knew it very well.
    She ran down the hallways and found her father. He was arguing with these 7 red men. They were referred to as Devils or the evil ones. “Dad!” shouted Droplet. Her dad turned around and saw Droplet. He didn’t look so happy.
    “Droplet, stand back!” He shouted back.
    “Listen to me; you MUST head to Earth NOW. There is no time left.”
    She turned to the evil ones, and their eyes met, they licked their lips. But encouragingly, she walked closer to her dad.
    “Stay back, Droplet. Please, go down to Earth. It’s safer…than Heaven.” Her father’s words were calm.
    “We can do a trade,” offered one of the red ones.
    “Yes, good idea.” said another one.
    “You can trade in your daughter, and we will stop everything. It’s a great offer.” One of them said and Droplet could see their smirks. “Yes, she will make a deli—I mean, lovely little devil.”
    “No! There is no trade. You can take me in instead. I’m not a fool for falling at such a stupid trick.”
    “Dad, no! Don’t do that--” Droplet had no idea what in the world was going on, but she did not certainly want to lose her only and beloved father.
    Her father snatched his staff, and uttered undefined words quietly. He had his eyes close, his face looked serious and focus. When Droplet blinked her eyes, she saw a bright white light, and she suddenly disappeared.
    “Idiot.” said one of the red men. “Now, you will die in our hands,”
    “Yes, it’s 1 against 7 of us. Haha! I like that idea.” said another one.
    Droplet’s father spitted out the words quietly, “Do your worst.”His eyes were focus. He was in a defense and attacking mode. A sweat dropped from his face and he was breathing heavily.
    “Very well then, as you wish. But of course, we do not give second chances.”

    Everything was black. It’s all quiet. What’s going on?
    Is it safe to open my eyes now…? She thought. No… maybe I should keep it close for a little bit longer…
    2 minutes pasted. Okay, maybe I should open my eyes in… 3, 2, and 1…!
    She opened her eyes. She was no longer in heaven. But she was aghast to see that she was floating down to Earth. She saw trees, green grass, birds, animals, mortals, and she saw these couples kissing too.
    She turned away; she saw a town, a city, buildings, and many more. “Wow!” she said. “This is so amazing… could this possibly be Earth?”
    Droplet was kneeling in a clear bubble, gently dropping down to a ground. It was as big as a refrigerator. She was headed towards a park that was across a street and a school. When the bubble hit the ground, it popped. And Droplet fell on her bottom.
    “Ow! The ground is even harder than heaven’s…” She yelped, and then stood up slowly. “Well, what am I suppose to do now?” Droplet rolled her eyes.

    Sigh, thought Oscar, school is just the most boring part of the day now. He was taking a math exam in class. He then started tapping his pencil. He looked at the clock, school was almost over and he was still 1 question away into finishing his exam. But this question was hard. He should’ve studied.
    “Pssst. Hey Oscar… what did you get for number 1?” whispered Anthony while the teacher was reading the newspaper. He was still on problem number 1 surprisingly, since he could not stop thinking about his new girlfriend, Erika.
    “I don’t know, I sort of guessed for that problem, ask Martin for the answer.” Oscar whispered back.
    “B-but, I don’t wanna ask a nerd for an answer!”
    “Well, that’s just too bad.”
    Anthony turned away and continued working alone on the Exam. Oscar tried to remember what the problem meant… and bam, he got it. In a rush, he quickly wrote it down. Only 3 minutes to spare. He checked his work. And then turned it in to his teacher then he walked back to his desk. I hope I get at least a B… he thought. He had always gotten A’s and B’s for each of his classes.
    Then, Oscar’s math teacher stood up. “Time’s over, class, please turn in your exam now or else you will not receive the grade.”
    At least 5 students stood up and turned them in.
    Then Oscar’s math teacher looked the tests and counted, then said, “Okay everyone, have a nice Thanksgiving break! I’ll see ya in 2 weeks. You may go now.”
    Everyone rushed out of the door and out of school. Oscar slammed his black backpack on one side of his back and walked out of school. Finally, school is over. No more tests… no more freaky teachers staring at me… no more stinky school lunches! He thought. Then he smiled at another thought of being able to hang out with his friends again. That’d be great.
    He dropped his skateboard down and started riding on it until he got home. He felt the great cool breeze against his brown hair and face. Freedom was all he thought. But then he stopped.
    Why is there a girl in a white dress? She’s looks like she… like she’s not normal. Did someone die? Oscar picked up his skateboard and walked towards her, “Who are you? You don’t look familiar in this neighborhood. Did you just moved in or something?”
    The girl turned around and saw a human boy. She was surprised, “Uh… I… I’m…” She struggled for the correct words. “I’m Droplet, what about you?”
    Oscar blinked by her weird name and her beautiful sapphire eyes. “I’m Oscar, did someone died…?”
    “What do you mean? I don’t think anyone died while I was here.” Droplet said, confused.
    “Wait… then why are you wearing a white dress?” Oscar asked. He was more times confused than Droplet, that’s for sure.
    “Dress…? Oh, you mean this?” She pointed at her white overall. And Oscar nodded. “Well, I wear it every day. White is a very pure color and I like white.”
    Oscar blinked again and then he said, “Okay… I guess I’ll be seeing you around then, cya Droplet.”
    “Wait!” Droplet grabbed his pale warm hands. “I need a place to stay, can you help me please?”
    Oscar turned back and felt a bit uncomfortable and said this without thinking, “Uh, you can stay at my house I guess,”
    Droplet cocked her head to one side. “I mean, I have an extra room. It used to be my parent’s room but they don’t live with me anymore. “
    “Then… thank you, Oscar! I shall never forget your kindness!” Said Droplet, in a cheerful voice, she had a huge smile on her face.
    “Sure, sure…” said Oscar. Great, look what I’ve done… “Follow me; my house isn’t too far away.”
    Oscar laid his skateboard on the ground and started riding on it to his house. Droplet walked quickly to catch up in her bare foot.
    [... To be continued.]