• A beautiful lost fallen angel. Forced to live in peace with mortals she must do everything in her power to control her blood lust. Nor living off of mortals, but sneaking off with donated blood bags from hospitals. Stopped at the age of eighteen, she is forced to hide her immortality from humans, she must change her ways and live elsewhere. Living amongst these humans is pitiful for she misses her own kind, she believes she is the only one of her kind....or so she thinks....

    Elisa sits alone in her house, feeding on a blood bag stolen from the Williams burg Hospital. Thinking on what's going to happen this next lonely day, away from her kind. She gets up and throws the bag in the trash, so roughly the bin falls on the floor. She walks to pick up the bin, when she falls over one of her shirts, "Dammit", she yells.

    Elisa picks up her shirt and puts it in the laundry room; she picks up the bin and sets it down gently. Elisa goes to her bedroom, pass the unmade bed and into her restroom.

    She looks in the mirror at her one blue eye and the other green; one could drown in those eyes. Her bright orange hair could hide her face from unwanted seekers, and her cheekbones are one of a model dream of having. Full red lips and a slender body that was to die for; boys would always come to her; unknown how dangerous she can be. Next is the only thing she haves left from her past world is her, Mark of the Angel, everyone of her kind is supposed to bare the Mark on their own neck.

    She takes a quick shower, then dries herself and puts on red skinny jeans and a black shirt that says in red letters, "Bite Me". She brushes her hair and gets her bangs hang over her eyes, then leaves her hair down to fall down her back in waves. Elisa runs at a speed a famous track runner can't even beat, to her door, opens it, and then locks it back up. She walks down the steps and stops to feel the warm breeze blowing, making her hair blow around her like a fire ablaze.

    "Another day, another nightmare.” Elisa mutters silently to herself. She heads toward Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, o.k. I know this is weird I'm as you can call it a "Vampire", but I can eat human food, too. My main life source is blood, blood is my oxygen, and it gives me strength and life. Human food doesn't satisfy my thirst, but it makes me look like a mortal being, so might as well blend in. Elisa walks in and orders a cappuccino latte then seats herself down at a two-seater table, she feel eyes staring at her from behind her like a hawks gazing at its prey.

    Elisa looks back and she was right, there was a man sitting at a two-seater staring intently at her. "No it can't be." Elisa murmurs to herself.

    He bore the Mark of an Immortal Angel...