• Blood Sucker

    The young maiden sat in her prison in disguise of a noble bed chamber only an emperor may sleep in. She had long

    shiny black hair and blue starlit eyes and was forced to wear a blue furisode with pink flowers on it. Around her

    ankle a silver cuff chained her to the bed.
    She had no idea what was going on or why she was here. The last thing she remembered was coming back from the market

    to give her father his medicine until this fine young man wearing a red silk yukata. She remembered looking into his

    eyes and passing out.
    She felt fear creep into her heart as well as uneasiness.
    The door swung open causing her to jump. Entered a young man with shoulder length hair, fair skin, onyx eyes, and was

    wearing red silk yukata with a black dragon stitched into it.
    “Apologies did I startle you?” he asked in a well mannered voice. He looked and acted kind but it was him who took

    her away. She cowered to the end of the bed. The young man raised his hand in defense. “It’s quiet alright I promise

    I won’t harm you”
    The woman didn’t dare to speak as he sat down beside her. He smiled at her a bit revealing tiny fangs. She quivered

    in fear that he would kill her.
    “Please don’t kill me” she said shaking. The young man stretched out his hand at the young girl tempting to caress

    her but she slapped his hand away. Finally he got closer and placed on finger on her lips.
    “You know none of the others are like you” he said in a soft charming voice. “None of them are as delicate and

    beautiful as you are”
    He pulled the girl close but she pushed him away. “I do not know who you are but please let me go”
    The young man gritted his teeth then wrapped his hands around her neck and began to squeeze.
    “I did all of this for you!” he yelled bearing his teeth. “I drained all the men who tortured your family all for

    you! And you won’t give me at least a thank you? I won’t have it! You hear me? I won’t have it!”
    The Kyuketsuki shook the girl as hard as he can. She tried gasping for air more or less pries him off but it was no

    use. Before she could black out a bright light burst into the room. The eyes of the Kyuketsuki widened and he threw

    himself away roaring in pain.
    “Whew” someone said in a cheerful voice. “Thank the gods I kept that Hyakki Yakō lamp with me. The old man was right

    it does light as bright as I wish”
    The girl looked the other way and saw a young shaggy blonde girl wearing a pair of thick glasses. She wore a black

    turtle neck sleeveless shirt and white khaki shorts along with hiking boots, sitting in an open window. Her left eye

    was white as a pearl while the other was as black as the night sky. The girl wondered if this girl was human.
    “Oh forgive me for introductions, I’m a Yokai detective; Kiku please to meet you Mr. Kyuketsuki” Kiku greeted jumping

    down from the window still. “You have murdered senselessly and not even when you needed to feed. This is a direct

    violation treaty between your race and us. But by your accent you’re from Europe now aren’t you?”
    The Kyuketsuki glared up at Kiku with red glowing eyes.
    “Damn you Paranormal Detective!” he swore.
    Kiku sighed. “This is Japan my friend here we prefer the term Yokai detective” she said with a straight face. She

    reached at her waist and pulled out a short sword and looked at the girl. She raised her sword, the young girl

    flinched but Kiku broke the chain around her ankle. The young girl backed away from the Kyuketsuki and near the young

    detective. She was surprised that a Yokai detective was a girl younger than her. Kiku mumbled something and the light

    from the demon lamp dimmed a bit. She bent down to see the Kyuketsuki closer. He growled having the urge to kill the

    young girl.
    “I won’t kill you but in exchange you must leave this country and back to your own” Kiku said.
    “I refuse!” the Kyuketsuki yelled. “I rather die than take an offer from one of you people!”
    Kiku stared at the Kyuketsuki then remembered the notice she got three days back. Usually she didn’t bother reading

    her mail but it was to the Kyuketsuki everywhere along with the English “vampire” (whatever that means to Kiku).
    “Oh I see” Kiku said. “They passed that law now didn’t they?”
    The girl carefully approached the Yokai detective. “What is it?”
    “Three days ago the bureau passed a law in several cities in Europe to execute anyone suspicious of drinking blood or

    any familiar executed people who raise from the dead. However the ties between the Kyuketsuki and human may be

    shattered” Kiku explained.
    The young girl’s face was filled with worry and sadness.
    “I’m sorry” Kiku said.
    “Stow it you filth!” the Kyuketsuki snapped. “I don’t need your sympathy!”
    “I heard what you said before I came in,” Kiku said. “However it doesn’t justify your actions… (Sighs) However I know

    of a village north of here all the villagers is Kyuketsuki. The village will act as your refuge and you have to feed

    on the blood of animals from now on”
    The Kyuketsuki stared at her then got up weakly and began to walk away. “I need not your help and if I ever see you

    again I’ll kill you Yokai detective, Kiku”
    Kiku gave the young man a sardonic grin and the young man disappeared.

    Later Kiku delivered the girl back to her now well father and mother. Kiku left without a word and began to head

    eastwards towards her desired destination. She looked up at the sky and sighed when a black swallow tailed butterfly

    landed on her shoulder. “Aye, everything is ok so don’t worry about me Nui”
    The butterfly flew away and Kiku continued on her destination to the next village and a new case.