• We walk to Amberlin's house.We walk by her mum & dad on the way to her room and say hi then say bye.I'm the first one in her room, I sit on the bed.Amberlin walks in, closeing the door behind her."So what did you need to show me?"Amberlin says with a cute little smirk."I need to tell you something really importent ---"
    "Well what is it?"Amberlin says
    "I like you alot"I say
    "I know"Amberlin
    "So if i say that I love you would you freak out?" Me
    "YOU LOVE ME??!!!!" "I'm sorry I won't freak out" Amberlin
    "Yes I love you and I know it might be early to say but we've been best friends ever since we were three years old I know you better then any one else"
    Amberlin then just stood there in shock.