• Oh God. Oh God. Please help me! I don't know where I am! The pain, oh God, the pain. Please...

    I can taste blood on my tongue, ravaging my senses. It tastes so sweet, yet more bitter than hate itself. I painfully lift my head, a great heavy burden. Pain floods through my body, and then it is gone. I feel nothing. Oh God, where am I? It is dark, and I hear heavy, labored breathing around me. As if there is a great, injured beast in here with me, ready to pounce, to tear, to gorge, to...I shake the thought from my head. The smell, putrid, rotting flesh, is too much to bear.

    I hear footsteps. They echo, surrounding me, and I am drawn toward them by an invisible force. I see a pale, frightened face in the dim light. All the horror, the hatred, the fear in the world is etched on that face. I reach out a shaking hand, a small tremor running down my body. Please, help... I try to moan. But all that comes out is gibberish, a tortured moan, a mutter whispered in a dark corner. His eyes widen in horror. Soft, blue eyes that are pools of hatred, of contempt. The man raises something.

    I hear an earsplitting noise. A white flash behind my eyes, and my head is burning. Instinctively, I lash out, in fear, and my arm connects with flesh and bone. He falls. I pounce on him, and keep striking at him. I dig into soft flesh with teeth and nails. I cannot, I will not stop. My throat trembles, and a cruel sound emerges like a demon from the gates of Hell. A cold, bitter laugh. My face, my hands, they are coated with blood, and I am laughing. Laughing. The man is lifeless at my feet. His eyes are staring at me, accusing me, forvever carved with horror and shock.

    His flesh is sweet.

    I have killed. I am forever desecrated.

    As the morning sun casts its light over me, caressing me and torturing with its gentle warmth, I look around. Deformed, frightful creatures surround me. Skin hangs from their flesh, ivory bones thrust through white flesh. I whimper in fear. Their teeth are jagged, blackened, and their eyes are lifeless and cold. I retch, stomach heaving, but nothing comes. I am unable to vomit.

    Oh God, please help me. I know that they will do to me what I have done to that man. Revenge, merciless revenge. They surround me, and I huddle into a ball, waiting for it all to end, to feel the awful pain as their teeth and nails scathe my flesh. I close my eyes. Please God, make it quick. I open my eyes, slowly, slowly. They are lumbering off, painful dragging of feet. One motions to me, as if to say Come with us. Come with us. It is at that moment I realize the truth, the awful truth. No, no, it cannot be true. This is a horrible, awful nightmare. The truth is screaming in my head. I cannot deny it. This is no nightmare, and I will never awaken.

    I am no longer human...

    A man is lying on the cold, ground, sprawled in an awkward position. Flesh is missing in places, his jaw is missing, his head is fracured. He begins to breathe, in shallow, ragged bursts. His chest rises and falls. His eyes, blue pools, open slowly, slowly. Oh God, where am I?...