• I am going to tell you my life story from the day I was born to the day I will die. This is the beginning of my story so please bare with me in this difficult telling of my life.

    My mother had died in my birth and my father had abussed me since I was a child. He blammed me for my mother's death and I now understand why. He knew who I was, what I was, through my aging, through my maturing. He was a dreadful man. I never understood how my mother was able to put up with him. No man would dare marry the cursed Mikiki Saunders. Every man, woman, and child knew the tale of the murder child. The child who feeds off humans like some beast. I was picked on by my older siblings. My father, the King of Grondlem, was not bitter to everyone. Many thought he was a kind, humble man who could harm none. Others thought he was the blood thirsty one. Nobody knew the truth about me. The truth even I had not known. The truth of who I was and who I will always be, even in death. Before I get to that part let me tell you the story of how I figured out what I was and what I am now.

    It was the winter of 1752, the thirteenth of December. The day of my tenth birthday none cheered and none laughed. Silence was all that replied for that day like everyother year for ten years. Every living being mourned the lost of their Queen Nefertiti. None wished me a happy birthday like they would wish the other children on their day. Nobody brought me breakfast in my small cot in the basement. Nobody would come to me on my birthday. I would not be fed, dressed, or 'let loose' from my room on those days. But that was good for that sixteenth year for that was the year I discovered my powers. I was sitting on my cot and looking at the dirt ground at a dead rat when it opened it's eyes. I screamed and ran to the wall when it first started to move but I eventually warmed up to it's being.

    Now you think I am crazy, that I am some insane woman who likes to tell tall tales to ammuse people like you but you are mistaken. I am no liar, no story teller. I do not like to ammuse others by telling stories. I tell the truth now, I am not lying. I hope you will soon believe me.

    As I told you before, my father new what I was, what I am now. He did not send any servants down to dress me the next day or the day after that. The only human being who would come down to me after my sixteenth birthday was a negro girl named Harriet. Her name was very unuasual for a negro girl and she was told so many times by others her age. I liked to talk to her, tell her things like you probaly tell your best friend. I told her how truly evil my father was and how he blamed me for my mother's death. She told me about her three brothers who had been killed by her raging father after a long night of work and drink. She told me of her lonely mother who had witnessed it all along with her and stabbed herself in the heart after her father had shot himself in the head. She told me the latest gossip of the kingdom. The only thing I never shared with her was my unusual power. It was not that I did not want to but I did not want her calling me a witch, then who would I talk to.

    Harriet was my maid until I eventually turned sixteen. I had then registered my power. I had learned that I could bring things back to life and could control the birth and death of plants. I would accationally pull small pranks on my father and a few of my brothers. Harriet and turned nineteen and was to be married to a negro boy named Tom Sombers. He was the only thing she would speak of for months since they discovered their love. I had been planning my escape along with her talk though she did not notice of my questions about the exit and the keys. I would ask her questions about these things and she would frown and answer then remember something that Tom had said to her and continued speaking of her love for him. I had not seen the outside world for six years. Most of the citizens thought I had finally been rid of while others thought I was chained to the wall of out dungeon. I knew everybody would be inside during my sixteenth birthday so nobody would notice a figure walking about. My plan could not be corrupted, would not be corrupted. Though it soon was. That is when my father walked into my 'room' during one of Harriets visits. As soon as Harriet noted of his presence she bowed and left immediately. My chest rose and fell as I breathed as his did as well. There was sorrow mixed with anger in his eyes. I knew this was not a visit to ask for forgiveness. When the words of the cause his visit came out of his mouth I knew the sorrow in his eyes were not meant for me but only the anger, "I and your brother and sisters have agreed what we shall do with you. I am dying, Mikiki, and I need somebody to look after this kingdom without you bothering us with worry of you getting out. We have agreed to send you to live with your Aunt Issabel and Uncle Henry from the Kingdom of Coverien. They are not quite royalty but you will live. They even may let you sleep in a room with a window, of coarse locked shut from the outside, but the chances are high for you. That is all." He turned around and walked up the spiral staircase to the ground level floor. I fell down on my cot and cried. My aunt and uncle always treated me like a desease before even my father sent me to live down here. My tears tasted like sweet sugar and where my tears fell came up flowers. I smiled while I watched the flowers grow. I had not ever witnessed the making of the flowers but always awoke before to see them all die away. Harriet raced down with a bag and my clothes. I was bathed, dressed, and my things were packed before it was even time to leave. I watched the spiders in their webs run to their prey as the flied tried to escape. They reminded me of my father and I, my father being the filth spider and I being the fly stuck in his webs. After what felt like days I was sent to the carriage and packed on for a three day drive to the Kingdom of Coverien.