• i thought i didnt need any one but back then i had it all. money, a big family, the whole lot. untill my thirteenth birthday. it was going to be an awsome party, a block party. thousands of guests. my older brother was supposed to check invatations, but apperantly he got bored.....and things got bad. he had come in and said that he checked all the invites. but there was a guy there.heavily built..... but he looked harmless. he even played with the little kids in the bounce house. his name is zach. my parents thought he was so brilliant. the first thing i noticed was his elmerald eyes, sparkling as he chased the kids around. then his wavey black hair. he was good-looking. your round-about supermodel. my parents took him to dinner while we sat snugg in our beds. when they got back, it was late. pitch black. zach left but didnt leave. when zach '''left''' we were going to bed again after saying our goodbyes, but i wanted to look out our window. i saw him there but thought nothing of it. my mistake.
    in the morning my room was destroyed with no hope of finding anything. little did i know that would be the least of my worries. my dad was in the kitchin trying to make left or right of the mess.it wasnt just my room. it was every room. my brother was still asleep and my mother was on the couch trying to make sence of it all. i walked down two stories of steps to get to the bottem floor of my house and ran into a cop. he sat me down and quistioned me. after he was done he got up and told me not to worry he would find who did this. i stumbled out my front door just as another cop rung the doorbell thinking he was the first cop there...................................................................................

    i dont remember anything else that happened, just that i woke up in a hospital bed badley burned with nothing. no family, they didnt make it. we found their remains, and whoever rigged our fouse took all money and heiratage i had which was now nothing. i was numb, feeling came later of course but i couldnt get over it. i didnt want help. i wanted nothing. noone. i just sat in my forster room thinking how could all this happen to me when i had it so good? well it can a month after i was all setteled, i had a dream, a nightmare of some sort but it helped.i saw my family again...................mostley my mom. she told me something so simple yet with a thousand meanings. she told me to let go of the past and move towared the future. i grasped that and used it. after i did, we found who rigged my house zach, of course the cops took me to him, to soften him up for a confession, and i thought of every nasty, vile thing i thought i so badley wanted to say. but when i got there his emerald eyes told me a thousand stories. but only one of them mattered. he regretted killing my family.... and those cops. he wanted forgivness, but im not that ready to forgive.i know that his storys are hard to beleive but i did. and instead of all those nasty, mean things i thought of, i said '''its not me im sorry for'' and walked out. peace covered my mind for the rest of that time period. that wasnt me, i wouldnt be able to forgive. not like i did then, so i know it wasnt me.

    how can i say i have it terrible now? i dont. i have a new loving family.....im not better but well on my way. before all this i would tell people'''angels dont exist''' but now i know. how could there not be a gaurdian angel watching me every step of the way?

    i love my gaurdian angels