• A is for the Alligators that will quickly tear you to shreds

    B is for the Boogieman that hides Beneath your Bed

    C is for the Chilling laughter from your friendly neighborhood psychopath

    D is for slowly Drowning the next time you take a bath

    E is for Exciting and Exhilarating Electrocution

    F is for Flame-throwers, which are always lots of Fun

    G is for the Girl that seduces you before stabbing you in the Gut

    H is for the Hell you go through when she makes that first slow cut

    I is for the Icepick that so easily pierces the delicate skin

    J is for Jabbing you with the blade over and over and again

    K is for Killing, the greatest thrill of all

    L is for Laughing as blood splatters against the wall

    M is for Murder that is so very sweet

    N is for the Nylon that binds the hands and feet

    O is for Opening your mouth in a blood-curdling scream

    P is for Praying that this is just a dream

    Q is for finally going Quiet in the end

    R is for the Rapture of getting to kill again

    S is for the sweet Screams that echo through the night

    T is for the Tantalizing Taste of flesh when I take a bite

    U is for the Urge to really make him pay

    V is for Vengeance that sweetens up my day

    W is for Wild beasts who feast upon those Who’ve died

    X is for the X-ray that shows the alien inside

    Y is for the Yelled-out spells of the angry hag

    Z is for Zipping up another body bag

    A B C D E F G.....Won’t you come out and play with me?