• As the girls took off for their gym class the boys waved and moved down the hall. Eva and Macy walked into the girls locker room to change into their school shorts and shirt. Eva’s locker was near the back wall hidden in the corner of the room; Macy’s wasn’t far off. Eva pulled her clothes from the locker without a word but Macy had noticed Eva’s earlier hesitation and had a question.
    “Eva,” she asked. “What happened on your last ride with Zavier?”
    Zavier was the name of Eva’s Mechanically Engineered Body Enhancement Suit. Also known as a Mecha or Machine Body. They are large, usually as tall as a forty story building and are primarily used in the military. Zavier was the newest and most elegant experiment. Many people had tried to hunt down Zavier and his rider but to no avail. Eva had the best hiding place for his large bulk and it wasn’t going to be uncovered anytime soon.
    Eva didn’t look up at Macy as she changed her clothes. “Nothing.”
    “Something happened,” Macy pulled her jacket off then unbuttoned her red undershirt. “You’ve changed Eva. You never hesitate.”
    Eva sucked in a heavy breath and let it out as she pulled her button shirt off exposing her unique skin. Luckily none of the other girls in the class had chosen a locker in the back; if they had they wouldn’t know what to say about Eva’s skin. In the center of her chest, right where her ribcage started to separate, was a glowing purple circle. It was under her skin and glowed lightly when bare of clothing. Lately though the glowing was moving along thin lines that shot from the circle and along her body in random directions.
    “Jesus,” Macy whispered. “The lines have gotten farther.” Macy looked up at Eva’s face. “It’s because you’ve been riding Zavier more often.”