• Recap
    As I got to my door I reached into my faded blue jeans to get my keys.
    I put the key in the door and it opened up when I turned it. My appartment was nothing special just a coach, t.v, bedroom, small kitchen, and a bathroom. I grabbed a banana to eat, and after that I plopped on my bed to sleep. Falling asleep once my head hit the pillow.

    'Mae~' What was this strange but familiar voice in my head. 'Mae~' It repeated my name once again............ 'Mae~ I've been waiting for somebody like you for a long time...................' The voice was growing closer each time it said something I tried backing up but I couldn't move.
    "Who are you?!" I screamed into the blackness that surrounded me. "You shall be my Bride.' It said back to me when I finally felt the fangs sink into the flesh of my neck. I knew it was just a dream, but it just felt so real to me that I couldn't stand it.

    I bolted up right in my bed, my heart beat was racing. Everything around me was spinning, and I was in a cold sweat. Turning to the clock it was only 3:13 What was that dream about, and why was that voice so familiar. I told myself while lying back down, and putting the back of my hand to my forehead.
    I decided it must have been nothing since I grew up in non-superstitious family. Suddenly my eyes grew heavier as I lied there. I was hoping so much that the dream wouldn't come back that night.

    'Mae~' I heard it once again, but then my alarm clock went off, scarring me into falling off my bed. "Ouch! What the heck?" I felt something that I landed on, it was my black converse I hadn't worn for a while. That's when I remembered I was going to that new photoshop downtown. I popped right back up I was so excited, and had a great feeling about today like there was something amazing going to happen. Like I might actually get a job this time.

    After taking a shower, and getting dressed in my favorite pair of jeans, and a nice blouse, I headed out the doorway. Once I was downstairs Ms. Sophie told me goodluck, and goodbye for the day.

    I decided that it'd be a good idea to walk to the photo shop. Even though it was downtown part of New York it only took me a couple of blocks to get there, and it'd also keep me from getting fat, and unhealthy.

    Feeling the nice cool breeze ruffle my hair while walking down the street I was so glad I walked today. It was just beautiful out.

    I came to a crossing sign waiting for it to say walk. It was kind of crowded so I waited till I wouldn't get bumped. Starting to walk, I suddenly felt this hand grab me firmly on my shoulder turning around about to tell the person to ' Let me the hell go,' are car went speeding by.

    I was shocked that I would have almost been hit just a second ago. Turning to the person I began to realise I've already met him. "Alastair oh my gosh it's you!" I said while giving him a dazzling smile.

    "Yes, I know. I just happened to see you didn't notice the bumbling idiot that went zooming by. I hope your quite alright?"
    Alastair said questioning me tilting his head in that oh so adorable way. 'wait what was I thinking I barely even know this guy, and he's help me get a taxi, while also saving me from almost getting hit now this was getting wierd.

    "Well this is New York you'll never know what's going to come around the corner," I told him when we began to walk again.

    "Of course this is just one strange city. By the way Mae, why are you out today? Just out of curiosity," He asked looking down on me.

    "Oh I was actually going to a photo shop for an interview I was going to have. I also have this great feeling that there's something special going to happen to me today. Not the gettign fired part, but just something good," After I told him that I felt a bit embarrassed since I told him all of that just straight out of my mouth. Then I had decided that the pavement looked more interesting that Alastair was at the momemt.

    "Oh, that sounds really good atleast," Alastair told me.

    "Atleast what?" I felt kind of curious at what he really was going to say about me in the first place.

    "Well you'll find it stupid," he said this with a bit of shyness in his voice, while rubbing his neck.

    "Oh come on we're not speaking to the Queen of England! Tell me!" When I said this to him I jumped infront of him too make him stop walking.

    "Okay well it's just that you seem so ambitious towards what you want to be in life. Unlike other people you don't stop being what you want to be just because you were declined in an offer that you didn't get. You just keep going at it." Alastair said looking up into the sky to avert his gaze from looking towards me instead, and then smiling.

    "Aw, thanks Alastair nobodies ever said such a nice thing to me before!" I told him while hitting his shoulder playfully.

    We began to talk about all the things we liked to what we hated the most. It was probably one of the longest conversations I've had with somebody I'd just met a day ago.
    As we had rounded the corner, I stopped.

    "Well this is the place I was going to have an interview at," I told him then looked at the door, and began freaking out, "No! I was told to come here, and they turn out to be closed. This day is going so bad." Alastair began looking at me oddly.

    "Oh ok then just one moment then,slightly leaning to the door to unlock it, he opened the door for me. "Oh I hope it wasn't a problem then that I forgot to come early on my behalf. I was up late," He told me all of this with a smile waiting for me to go through the door.

    "Wait a minute you're the store owner you got to be kidding me," Great my new friend turned out to be the store owner that I was going to have an interview with this was going to be interesting.

    "Well yep this is my place. I planned it to be for wedding pictures, specials parties, formal events, and such for people who want pictures to be taken then. I'm hoping it will be a great hit too," Alastair told me as I entered the room.

    It was a simple room with pictures everywhere. Little areas with pictures from weddings, and parties, just like Alastair had told me. There was also a desk near the back of the room with a man lying there looking like he fell asleep here. That's when he began to snore.

    "Uhm Alastair is that normal. I mean to have a sleeping man in your shop," Alastair began walking over to him while sighing. Once he got over there he whispered something into the males ear, that I didn't quite catch.

    "No she can't be cheating on me! Alastair tell me this isn't true!?" The guy yelled this making me jump, while a piece of paper was stuck to his face from the drooling.He was close to Alastair's height, short blonde hair, and silver eyes which I've never seen before. Once he noticed the paper he took it off.

    "Well when in doubt of waking a sleeping friend slash assistant tell him his girlfriend was cheating on him, Matt," Alastair had said this with such a sly smile that it made me want to laugh at what just happened. The guy named Matt I believe looked over and saw me.

    "Oi! Alastair did'ya finally get a girlfriend? Also you can be so cruel Alastair!" Matt said this, and began nudging Alastair in a suggestive move.

    "No Matt she is not my girlfriend, but I am hoping she'll be our new photographer?" Alastair aksed turing his head in aquestioning way towards me.

    "Oh but how could I whe I haven't even had a proper interview?!" I began waving my hands back and fort, when Alastair interupted me.

    "Oh don't worry about it I actually got your work yesterday, and I really liked it, so would you work here?" He looked like a desperate little puppy in my consideration with those big brown eyes I just had to accept.

    "Okay I'll work here when do I start?" I asked all perky thinking when did I send out my work to this place, but I jsut shruged it off.

    "Now if you want," Matt said looking at me.