• Vivina put on her wedding dress. It was a white sleeveless corset, attached to a smooth skirt that when she spun twirled out into a circle. Around her neck was a diamond necklace; her long white hair put up in a black clip.
    "Oh, you're beautiful." her mother cooed as tears made their way down her face.
    "Thank you mom." her wedding day. Today. She was soon going to be married to the best man ever. Seth. His name on her tongue tasted better than her favorite thing to eat, ice cream.
    "Seth is the luckiest guy in the world." said her best friend, Kate.
    "I sure am." Seth said with a smile at the doorway.
    Vivina spun around to see him in a tux. He strode towards her, and held out his arms.
    "I love you." Vivina whispered as their arms met.
    "Same to you." he said but he didn't whisper it in her hair.
    "Hon, is something wrong?" she asked as she looked up.
    "No, i just want to talk to you alone." he said.
    "We'll leave." mom said, and began ushering girls out the door.
    "No, we will." he said, and pulled Vivina out the door.
    Vivina was so happy, and couldn't wait for what he would say. When they got to the alter Seth stopped.
    "Here?" Vivina giggled.
    "Yes, here." he said without a smile.
    "Isn't it bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?" she asked him.
    "Yes, but i must talk to you."
    "About what?" she asked.
    "I can't do it."
    "Yes you can, talk. I'm listening."
    "No, I'm not going to do it."
    "What do you mean?" she asked fearfully.
    "I'm not getting married to you."
    "You don't have to, we can get married later." she protested.
    "No, i don't love you anymore." she was horror stricken. "I've tried to make it work, but I can't do it. I don't want to vow that I love you when I don't."
    "Oh, please no." she started to cry.
    "Please don't make it harder for me."
    "Go! Get out of here you jerk!" she screamed.
    "Okay, just remember--"
    "JUST GO!" she shrieked.
    He slid past her, and walked out of her life forever.
    There she sobbed, she didn't know how long, but she did know that her heart was now broken.
    Then there was a gasp, people had started to sit down, and her mother just walked in. "Vivina, what's wrong."
    She just looked up at the sky. Her mother had been a wedding planner, and they had decided that she would be married on the night of the eclipse.
    The eclipse just started, and she murmured to herself. "To have, and to hold." she murmured the vows. "I do.You may kiss the bride." she whispered just as the eclipse started.