• Tears of Blood


    I listen to the sound of my shoes hitting the hard surface of the floor in the empty hallway. My mind races as I think back of all the things that have happened, and I stop and lean against the wall for support.

    The fast beat of the music in the gym nearby matches the beat of my heart, thumping wildly against my chest. I struggle to keep my breathing under control and I pull my curled hair away from my sweat-drenched forehead.

    ‘Claude…..what is he?’ I think to myself. I close my eyes and play back on my memories of him. Of his blank eyes. His no emotions. His empty soul. His heart made of stone, impossible to enter.

    There’s a rush of wind and my eyes flash open as I’m shoved against the wall, full force. One arm rests against the wall and the other pins me back with my shoulder. There’s a boy in front of me, panting, and he lifts his head up. Through his dark blonde locks I see eyes, usually the color of dark green, glowing blood red.

    My breath catches in my throat as I stare into them. Claude parts open his mouth a little and I see two sharp fangs protruding from the upper lip.

    And then, in a flash, those fangs touch my neck and rip into the fragile, pale white flesh covering it. A gasp escapes my throat as the blood is drawn from my body. My eyes are wide and my mouth is slightly open in shock.

    Now I know what he is.

    A vampire.