• Trembling hands reach for the edge

    Eyes weary, fear instilled

    Arms tugging trying their best

    Feet desperately try to hold the side

    One false step, and she’s history

    She thinks back to her life filled with countless memories.

    Trying desperately to find a reason to hold on

    She’s struggling, she can’t do it.

    She can’t do this alone

    Her mother’s voice screaming

    Her father’s voice demanding

    Her friend’s voice pleading

    She can’t hold on.

    Her grip falters

    She’s barely hanging on the edge

    Fear grips her heart, but she’s still struggling

    Her mother’s tears

    Her father’s anger

    Her friend’s sadness

    She can’t take it.

    A broken heart filled with shattered memories pumps in her chest

    Blood coursing through her veins

    Her brain pulsing

    But she still struggles

    Scars, too many to count

    Fallen memories that don’t matter

    She can’t do this alone

    One by one, her fingers let go

    Falling falling, when will this end?

    Wind brushes past her face, but no air enters her lungs

    Flashing memories

    She can’t take it

    A hand grasps her arm

    Eyes of a friend

    “Hold on!” the voice pleads

    Her eyes flicker

    Tears pour out

    A broken girl with a torn up heart

    Trembling hands hold on.

    Strong arms pull her struggling arms

    Slowly, air returns to her lungs

    Hope rises in her gut

    Her reason is found.