• --OVERVIEW: Vesta and Luna live in a world where everyone is chasing after them in the world of peace. They live on the world "Morpheus" but only a section is of what it means. That section is "Maia" but the only thing wrong here is that everyone who inhabits Maia is either gay or lesbian. Trapped in a horrible world Vesta and Luna are forced to venture into Minerva where the terrible "things" are. In dark desolate places both have to travel miles to find someone to care for them or the world will end in population and die. But how can you survive on a world where in every second someone or something wants to kill you?--

    Vesta stared yards into the long dirt patched road, constantly moving around while her mother held her hand.

    "Momma. Who do you think I'd marry when I'm older? I want to be grown up and have a loving hubby like you do!" Vesta smiled and swung her hand back and forth and was entwined with her mother's.

    "Now, now Vesta. Stop fidgeting around. I'm sure you'll marry some handsome guy. Loving, peaceful, and protecting. It may take a while but no matter what, never give up" Vesta's mother stared sadly into her eyes.

    "I won't" Vesta grinned and they both carried on their way. Then everything faded away into a distant whiteness with only shattered blood and a scared to death child. All there was to hear was the constant sound of " Vesta, Vesta, Vesta!" then she awoke.

    --10 years later--

    "Vesta! Vesta! Wake up you thick head!" was the noise Vesta heard before she fell off her bed and onto the wood polished floor.

    "Yes, yes! I'm up! I'm up!" Vesta said arising from the floor, "What time is it Luna?"

    "Bout' 11:30 a.m.! Geez Vesta. How can you go that long without waking up? Sometimes I wonder what's going on in that head of yours" Luna pointed to her head.

    "Least I have one! Not like the brains of people these days. Thinking they can find love with the same sex. I don't abide by that and-" Luna cut her off.

    "Shush! You know what happens to those who aren't followers. One wrong move, Vesta, and your out into. That world. The world of no peace or proximity to it. At least we're safe..." Luna looked down at the floor.

    "But your the only one that agreed with me. I'm just glad that I'm not alone in this...Luna" Vesta reached for her hand and squeezed into tight near her heart.

    "We will not become one of them. Even if it does take forever, we will find someone that loves us. Even if we have to search into there.." Vesta promised her. "But Vesta-" "NO Luna. whatever it takes. We..I promised them that no matter what the stakes were I'd do it and you...You just have to trust me. Do you?" Vesta stared deeply into hers. "Y-yes" Luna nodded.

    "Okay then. Pack your things. If we have any possible chance of finding anything in this goddamned world then we have to start searching now." Vesta reached for her bags and started packing. Luna looked desperately at Vesta then started packing as well.

    --time for bed so I'll write more later ^.^ --