• Naruto laid there with no legs as a enemy ninja stood over him. He had his mouth bandaged up and wore a Oto-ninja uniform. Naruto looked at his comrades. Kakashi was the first who had died. He had said it would be a D-rank mission no trouble. Then this monster had attacked.

    When he appeared he shot a bolt of lightning though Kakashi's heart, easily killing him.

    Sai was next. He was also first to react to Kakashi's death. He pulled out the pen and began doing the Art of Cartoon Beast Mimicry, but the man grabbed the pen and stabbed Sai right through the neck with it. He died instantly.

    Sakura's was the most brutal. The man had grabbed Sakura's head and filled her with his chakra. He continued to to fill it in her until she exploded.

    He had then came at me and slaughtered any of the clones I made. He pulled a blade out from his back and chopped up my legs.

    Now the man looks at me, "Now to kill you. As the last survivor I'll kill you with my ultimate technique."

    "Wait!," Naruto yelled as a last resort to survive, "If you kill me, I'll Die!" He shrugged and he picked me up and through me into the sky. He pulled of the bandages revealing a mouth of Razor-Sharp teeth. He looked up at at me and said "Rest in pieces." His face began to mutate and a Demonic chakra ingulfed him. He looked at me once more and said the final word I'd ever hear: