• "Why did you call me?" he finally says it,

    "I've been dying to know," she whispers timidly, "What went through your mind, that one day, back then, before all this mess started, when I said that one thing, about--,"

    "When you said that you loved me?" he speaks as though her pain is nonexistent, or not gaping at best,

    How can you say it so casually?

    "Yeah-- yeah that little incident," she laughs nervously, thanking God that he doesn't see the tears sparkling down her cheeks,

    Just the day when you broke my heart is all.

    He chuckles lightly, the most beautiful sound she's ever heard, "I felt kind of bad for y--,"

    "Why?" her heart speeds up, the blood rushes to her cheeks, warming up her malnourished soul. Each time he says something new, she dies a little waiting to hear the rest,

    If you felt so bad why didn't you spare me the Hell and go out with me?

    "You know it's rude to interrupt, ri--,"

    And so she does it again, so many stupid mistakes. Perhaps the reason he chooses not to accept her love?

    "I'm sorry! Go on!" she sputters quickly, trying to amend something by unknowingly repeating the same mistake, he found it worth pity,

    Please speak, I've only been dying to hear your voice for the past twenty four hours.

    For her sake, he pretends not to notice that she, once again, interrupted him, "We've all dealt with unrequited love, ___," he speaks as though she's a child, in need of guidance and in need of protection, and she listens as if he's God, wise and more amazing then she's worth speaking to,

    What ******** retard wouldn't love you?

    "Right," she speaks into the phone softly, slowly burying herself further into the confines of her blankets, "Sorry, I kind of forgot you could be hurt,"

    It's hard to picture someone so capable of making my day by merely saying hi, getting hurt.

    Silence fills the room and she cuddles deeper into the bed. She'd never admit that she wished it was him she was cuddling into-- but he probably already knows.

    "Speak God damn-it!" she yells jokingly.


    Another thing she won't admit: that the silence really does further cut into her wounds-- another thing he probably already knows.


    I love you.

    She wonders what he's asking for-- she might be contributing more to the conversation, but it's not like she calls this number to hear herself talk, certainly he knows that by now, right? Must she spell it out?

    I call you just to hear your voice, I've got nothing to say.

    "Read any good books lately?" she tries as a last resort,

    Just a little bit longer, I need you.

    Because you're haunting me.

    "If you don't want to hear it then why don't you hang up?" she speaks, faking the pain that she truly does feel,

    But please don't.

    "That'd be extremely rude," he speaks as if it's the simplest thing in the world,

    Right, I forgot that breaking my heart was polite.

    "Like you care," she laughs nonchalantly,

    I've got proof that says you don't.

    He sighs into the phone, "You're quite redundant,"

    Have I thought I love you yet?

    She curses under her breath, "My phones dying, gotta go,"

    God? What did I ever do to you?

    "Alright, bye,"

    Love you, bye.