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    It was gonna be the highlight of the year, Dee's Quince was something we all had been talking about for months now. It was to be held at The Pomona Valley Mining Company Restaurant. Which keep telling us had the most amazing view of the city at night. So that afternoon as I sat in my bedroom getting ready, I couldn't help but be super excited.

    I washed my hair, blow drying it and curling the ends. I slipped into the dress I had put aside for this one event. Strapless, full length and black, it was beautiful. At the top it had a swirly design which ran down one side of my stomach and then the black fabric split, revealing the white underneath. I smiled as I looked in the mirror, I twirled around watching the dress spin around me.

    From there I did my make-up and put on a small necklace that had some delicate little flowers on it and a pair of silver butterfly earrings which hung just below my ears. I left my room to check on Alex, who also had been invited. She wore a similar cut dress to mine, but it was baby blue and had a black ribbon tied around her waist into a bow in the middle of her stomach. She looked so cut with her short hair also curled and a small blue stone necklace hanging around her neck.

    I just wanted to grab her and squeeze her to death, she was just so cute. We headed down stairs and into the car where our mom drove us to the party.

    Only a couple of people were there. Dee and Anya meet us at the door, Dee looked absolutely amazing, she wore a gorgeous white dress which had a train and showed off her curves, it also had a red trim at the top which followed down to the back. Her was pulled back except for parts of her bangs and was curled and hung halfway down her back.

    Anya was more simpler, but still beautiful. Her hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail, a few strands had fallen out and hung around her face framing it. Her dress was black and full length, the straps looked like lace. I looked very plain and boring next to the two of them.

    We headed into the dinning room. The whole place was decorated in red and white to match Dee's dress. A DJ sat off to the side, right next to a large section of wood flooring which i guessed was the dance floor.

    I placed my bag on one of the tables, next to Dee and Anya's stuff. We talked and waited by the door as more people arrived. Nate came, followed by Cassie and Kai, who ran straight to Anya and hugged her.

    More and more people arrived, some I knew, a few I didn't very well. But the whole time I keep my eye open as people came in for one person. Finally he showed. Anthony walked in, unfortunately, I saw Kamryn walk in only moments after, catching his arm and talking to him.

    I turned away at this. I should have known. Kamryn knew about my crush on Anthony. She continually moped in my math class, saying I could finally get my wish and have him all to myself.

    But I knew that she would try and get him back. I sighed and shook it off, nothing had really changed.

    It was then that we were all brought to sit at the tables and eat. At my table there was Dee, Anya, Kai, Andy (Dee's gay ex boyfriend), Kevin (another of Dee's ex's), and another friend but I didn't know her name. Anthony and Kamryn sat at the table next to ours, I could see them out of the corner of my eye. She was talking to him and he nodded occasionally. Lucky Anya and Dee kept my mind off them. We joked around just like we always do. The suddenly Dee pulled me out of my chair and onto the dance floor.

    The song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson was beginning to play. Back in October, our band had done a field show with this song as the finale, in which we had placed our instruments down and danced. Thus all of the band members who were there got up and began the moves we had learned for the show. The others laughed at us and we laughed along. Anthony stood next to me as we danced.

    Finally, after going through our routine nine times we stopped. I went and collapsed into a chair close to the dance floor and watched as the others danced and twirled around. I say Anthony and Kamryn go out the door and into the hallway.

    Turning away and trying to swallow the lump in my throat, I walked to the opposite side of the room. The wall of the far side was made completely of glass. It looked out over the hillside and down into the city.

    I sat there watching the cars pass by on the freeway underneath and just looking at the lights. Suddenly I felt someone behind me. I turned, expecting Dee or Anya. But it wasn't either, Anthony stood there, looking at me with concern

    "Hey" He said pulling up a chair and sitting next to me. "You ok?" I turned back to the window, looking at my reflection. "Yea" I said, not meeting his gaze in glass. "I just needed to think, be by myself for a moment"

    He nodded "Yea, I understand." He looked over his shoulder to where Kamryn was dancing with Andy.

    "I leave you alone then" He said, standing up. He placed a hand on my shoulder, leaving it there for a moment, watching me. Then he left walking back to the dance floor.

    Dee found me a little while later. She walked up to me and stood glaring at me with her hands on her hips "What do you think you're doing?"

    I turned to her "Huh?" I had been lost in my own thoughts and hadn't heard her. She plopped down in the chair Anthony had pulled next to me "Why are you sitting here by yourself when you should be having fun?"

    I shrugged "I don't know" She glared at me again "fine" I sighed and stood up. She grabbed my hand and hauled me back to the dance floor.

    I dance for another hour, my thoughts and worries disappearing.

    Then suddenly, the music changed to a slower song. I left the dance floor and sat down to watch the couples move to the slow music. Then Anthony was next to me. I glanced up not expecting him to be there. He held out his hand to me, my heart began to race and I felt my face go red. But I took his hand and he led me to the dance floor

    My heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst inside my chest. Anthony wrapped his arms around my waist and I place mine around his neck.

    I laid my head on his shoulder and we moved slowly to the song "Amazed" by Lonestar

    About half way through the song I heard a burst of squeals and giggles coming from the tables. They saw. I raised my head and looked at him "You're gonna regret this" I whispered. He laughed a bit "I'll never regret it" he told me, tightening his arms around my waist. I smiled and laid my head back on his shoulder.

    This moment was perfect. Nothing could ruin it and so we danced until the song finally ended and he pulled away..


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