• Standing all alone, on the crest of a hill all covered in snow. A huddled black mass feeling the ruthless wind and battling away the chill.

    Snow flurries steal away the eyes and leaves the person more isolated. Everyone else walks away, happy to get inside and feel the buttery warmth.

    Content to ignore and leave the person behind.

    And so it stands alone.

    Most don't want to be out in the blizzard and wouldn't notice if the person were merely to die.

    It could be the cold. But the fact of death escapes the other people inside. The other outside waits for what, even he doesn't know.

    From the back of building, in the tiny exit door, white light floods out and illuminates the climbing snow.

    Boots crunch through the crunchy white carpet, and white mist forms in the air. The two people draw closer, one moving towards the other.

    The one who was already outside turns, and waits. The tiny silhouet meets with the larger one.

    And then, a steaming mug of hot chocolate is held out, the steam rising out and curling up.

    The mug was accepted by the other and then both stood silently and watched the front of the blizzard.

    Both not knowing what they were waiting for.

    But each felt better for they weren't alone waiting for the unknown.