• "Onee-san!!!!" I scream from the top of my lungs, it was so loud that I managed to bother every passer-buyer that passed by. Good. My sister turned around with her signature twirl that drives men crazy, it also makes the paparazzi attack her to take a shot of those gorgeous facial features that she tries hard to not ruin. While she was turning around I noticed what I had been describing this, it came into action in a world out of my head. It was true that men ( and some women ) couldn't help themselves to gawk at her inferior beauty. Well who could not stare at her, she had really long natural black hair that shines so marvelously in the spotlight, not to mention eyes that capture the very essence of you're sole and that fine ivory skin that glistens in the sun. Not like that fairy tale character Edward Cullen and his leech crew. It came in a natural glow.

    Compare her to me and you get a really dull high school freshmen who was dull features, such as my pale skin that gets badly red during summer or when sun reaches it for a long amount time exposing it to the ultra violet cancer rays. Not to mention my unruly hair in which my sister always tries to fix, but sadly she just can't destroy the force of nature or the laws of gravity in which my hair live in. Oh, but there is one feature that I am proud of. My eyes. Their blue, sky blue, at first I thought it was a sickness but nothing ever did trigger a horse pain in my pupils, and what made it more confusing was that I was whole Asian and not of those mix blood. Sooner I found out why. It was some strange gene that only happen every hundred years, like I got it from a distant ancestor. Well. something in those lines of imaginings that I wish is true.

    " What is it Satsuki?" She said in a soft feminine tone that alluded me from my previous thoughts. I for one was chasing after her, because for a young woman in high six inch stilettos she sure walked fast. Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself with all those appearance talk and such. I'm Satsuki Satonaka, the baby brother of Rei Satonaka or most commonly known as ReiKa, her star name. And to add to your little confusion about wondering why my sister gets paparazzi photos and what not, it's because she's the starlet of all seasons. And is renowned all over the Land of the Rising Sun and is aiming to be international. It took me a while to realize that I was dazing off again and what made me realize it was Rei's dark eyes boring into mine. " Satsuki don't just stand there, we have places to go." She said, but I wondered. Why can't we just use her Jaguar. " Nee-san, can't we just leave it alone. Its pretty obvious that its not important if we're not using ant means of transportation." I whine.

    " Fine, fine if that's what you want I'll get Tanaka to drive you home." Rei sighed. This was what I always liked about my sister. She gives me everything, I mean everything I want and deeply desire. Even the most sordid things. She slipped out her forth phone ( which she uses for business like this such as asking someone to pick me up ) and speed dialed Tanaka's cell phone. Ah, Tanaka, he was my personal bodyguard and driver, and Rei's extra one. His been with us since Rie's debut which was such a long time ago, when I was in first year middle school. When sis was busy he was always the one to help me out trough not only in stuff like picking me up but he helps me with school, he gives me advice with stuff that my young mind can't understand yet. He's my second favorite person in the world. I blushed when I realized how gay that sounded, but I knew that what I said came inside my heart and I can't take it back, even in my thoughts which are private. The sound of a car parking was welcomed in my ear drums. It was a simple and nice car, which I knew full well belonged to us. Tanaka came out and bowed in front of my sister and me, I slightly bowed with my head. " Satonaka-sama, will you be riding with us? " This was a question Tanaka always asked my sister. For Rei preferred to walk rather than drive. Such a weird starlet.

    " No, just bring Satsuki home safe and sound." She said. It worried me that she doesn't even have a bodyguard with her or at least a boyfriend. But I know she can handle a though crowd, she's ReiKa after all.

    The drive home was lonely without a blabber mouth like her, but I was glad to have Tanaka all to myself. Lately his been busy with stuff but he never ceases to arrive in time with a good attitude with it. But I wonder, what is he doing that made him so busy all of a sudden? And he manages to make up excuses which are not entirely believable. Like one time he said that his grandmother died but after he said that I saw the grandmother shopping with some old friends. And next he said his dog died but I know his allergic to them because he won't get near mine. " Satsuki-san...." His voice echoed in my ears. I half turned at him, the car stopped as it reached a red traffic light. I kind of got ejected from my seat that caused the seatbelt to do its protective action. " What is it Tanaka-nii. " I always call him with a 'nii' because he's like a big brother to me. " I got mail from your sister saying that she won't be home tonight and says that she's sorry." Tanaka said a bit flushed, I wonder why? " Oh, something important must have come up." I sigh. " And umm...." He continues, the light turned green and the engine roared." She says that I should accompany you in your house." He became very silent all of a sudden and that made things awkward. " Really? She's that worried? I'm already in high school and she still treats me like a kid." I say half laughing.

    The night was cold as usual as I and Tanaka open my houses door with the security code and key. In the yarn was my doggy all snuggled up in his dog house. He was crying in his sleep, poor doggy. The door opened and I left my shoe in the shoe rack Tanaka did the same. " What do you want for dinner? " He asks as I open the door to the living room. " Nothing. I'll just take a bath." I say yawning, man was I sleepy. "I'll draw the bath for you." He said as if it was his duty to draw me a bath. I nod in gratitude and headed upstairs to my room to get a some clothes and a towel. Not a minute later I came rushing down the stairs, my short body almost falling from one of the flights." Whoa." I laughed. Headed to the bath I slowly take off my shirt and other clothes while walking there. I saw Tanaka in my path, probably finished with drawing the bath, he was blushing and that made me blush to. " No looking pervert!" I say joking around with him. He nodded and apologized. " I'm sorry." I just grinned and made my way to the steamy luxury.

    " Ahh~~~~ That felt awesome." I say walking to the living room. The simple way it was designed gave it a cozy and warm effect. I liked that. I mess with the towel that hung from my shoulder, trying to dry my hair. " Satsuki-san please have some tea." I heard Tanaka's voice from behind, carrying a silver tray with fine china and the aroma of apple penetrated my nostrils. " Oh, thanks a lot Tanaka-nii." Slumping down in the couch, I saw that he bought two cups. Good. That meant that he wanted to talk with me, we always talk about thing while enjoying a drink. A habit that I grew to love. Placing the cups he poured one for me with lots of sugar and one for him with no sweetness at all. Bitter man. Then a notion popped in my head. I had to ask why he was so busy this past few weeks. " Hey Tanaka-nii, tell me. why so busy in the past few weeks? I mean you've been making lots of excuses’ why you were late or can't come. I mean I just wanted to know...." The words started to fade away once I saw Tanaks'a expression. His handsome face was bewildered as his eyes bored into mine and I could feel as if I saw his soul in theme. His eyes, I never really noticed it, but the were so trapping that I just stared in them.

    " Its none of you're business Satsuki-san, so please don't bother yourself." His words were sold as ice and I for one froze there. He never talks to me like that and I find myself tearing up bit from his words. " O-h I'mm so-rry." My voice sounded like it was going to crack into a melody of sobs. " Satsuki-san." His voice was back to its warm, concerned self. I felt his warm fingers boring in my limp shoulders while I looked down. Man, I was such a crybaby.
    " Satsuki-san, I'm terribly sorry. " He continued. I just sobbed and felt tears dripping from my cheeks. " No-oo. Its m-my fault I should--n't have asked. It must be something r-r-really serious to not talk about." I say pulling myself together. I felt his eyes etched into me and I realize that I can't look up straight. But a managed to, and I saw with my blurry eyes his saddened expression of grimace. My heart almost sunk. The warm fingers soon escaped my shoulder and began to pull me closer to his chest. I felt blood rush into my cheeks. Why is he doing this." Satsuki..." He said. I just let my head fall into his chest and cried a bit more.

    " I'm sorry, this is all my fault." Tanaka's words made me feel so weak. " Why are you sor------!!!!" My God. The next thing that happened was something out of a novel. Before I could finish that sentence Tanaka pushed his lips into mine. It was soft and warm just like his whole body. I tried to pull away but his hand suddenly came and pushed my head closer to his, making it hard to breath. He managed to part my lips with his own, I gasped for breath but his tongue quickly entered my mouth. He's was licking mine making goose bumps all around me. Finally he removes his lips from mine and pulled away gently. I opened my eyes completely out of breath and was clutching on his shirt. " I love you Satsuki." He said kissing me again. Slower this time. And the night continued on.