• The Victors
    Part 1
    The third floor bedroom
    (Present day New Hampshire, Kaye, Davis, Nate, and Milo)

    The morning rays of sun bled through the open window, as the gentle beams shone on Kaye McKenzie’s beautiful pale freckled face. Her eyes fluttered open and her jade green eyes exploded into life. One soft hand was drawn up from under her blankets and rubbed her eyes. Her soft black swirling curls spread out around the young girl’s head.
    She slowly and humbly sat up from her bed and stretched tiredly. The sun was hardly up and the birds already started their songs of joy and liveliness. Looking around her dim lighted room Kaye walked quietly to the other side of her room, fumbling to find the light switch that would lumenate her third floor bedroom. As she switched on the light her room sparked to life. The baby blue walls glowed and the white wooden furniture shimmered with the orange light of the sun and the reflection of the lamp.
    She clumsily inched to her closet and found a dark blue T-shirt and a dark pair of jeans, and her lucky black sweatshirt. Kneeling down on her wooden floors she reached deeper into her closet to find her new sneakers. Stretching as far back into her large closet she didn’t find her sneaker but what she found was a door handle. She stood up with conferment and eagerness. Pushing her clothing aside she found an old wooden door just big enough so that she could crawl through. As she stepped into the closet a sudden chill fell down her back, she ignored it and continued. She knelt down and opened the small door and entered the dark shadow behind it.

    After stepping into total darkness she was able to stand up and she took her first step lights flickered on and around her, the walls where filled with scrolls and books, a large desk was placed in the middle of it all. “A secret room. Awesome!” she said to herself. Walking by the shelves she saw and was able to read languages she has never heard of. But she ignored it she was just fascinated with the hidden library… when she approached the large wooden desk a single yellowed letter sat atop it. She slid her pale fingers under the parchment. The lettering looked as if a quill in script had written it. As she read the delicate, and detailed lettering it seemed as if it where a different time. When she finished the letter, it did not make sense to her because there it was stating that whoever entered the door was special and had special abilities… the only special abilities that she had was drawing and burping the ABC’s backwards start to finish.
    She softly placed the letter back in its place and heard a rustling sound from behind one of the bookcases. She walked closer to the sound. Was she hearing things; it is an old house? Then she heard it again… the sound of footsteps. She looked harder for the source of the noise. A shadow flied past her in her periphile vision. She ran towards where the figured looked like it was going and then she heard a thud.
    “Hello…. Is any one there? Dave… Nate if this is one of your pranks it is not funny!” she yelled, then she heard a moan from one of the aisles. She carefully walked to the aisle and peaked down. And lying in the middle of it was a boy she didn’t recognize. He had dark red hair and was just as pale as her, he was wearing what looked like a pair of old looking jeans, a black T-shirt, and a ratty pair of sneakers. I guess he realized that Kaye was staring at him cause he jumped up off the floor and rubbed his head.
    “Uh…. Hi? I am guess you are wondering what I am doing in here right?” the boy said, he was probably Kaye’s age fourteen, maybe sixteen. Kaye nodded her head, she was thinking the same thing… why was he in her house.
    “Well uh… you see I kind of, sort of, live here too!” he spoke and smiled still rubbing his head.
    “ You live here! Are you one of Nate's friends? I will kill him, he isn't supoposed to have friends over at 5 am!" She asked confused yet angry.
    “No…. No one knows I am here… besides you… Ouch!” he said. And removed his hand from his head. Kaye walked closer to him….
    “Are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?” she asked deciding whether or not to move any closer.
    “No…well yes, but I am alright I just fell… trying to put away these books and I sort of fell?“ He said pointed to the ladder that went about twelve feet up.
    “Oh? So you’re in my house because you live here?And your not one of Nate's friends... So I am guessing you’re a librarian?” Kaye said
    “ One: this is the library of the Victorious. Second: I am not a librarian! And third: the guy I work for is ‘The Librarian’." he spoke like a regular annoyed teenage boy, it annoyed Kaye even more that there had to be another teenage boy in her house..."Great"
    " I think your crazy and you should get out of my house!" Kaye said sternly pointing to what she thought would be the way back to the small door.
    "WHAT? You don't belive me... this is why i hate mortals they can't see what is in front of them, or at least realise what is actually happening...UGGG!", the boy gave up in his persuation and sat back on the floor muttering to himself.
    "Well yah i dont belive you, your some random teenage boy who just fell off a 12 foot ladder and hit your head, and then you go on rambling about some random thing about mortals.. which i don't get cause your human just like me... so yah i think your crazy." Kaye answered, for Kaye this was a normal day, she and her brothers fought about something stupid and Kaye came up with proof on the whole ordeal and was very persuasive at times.
    Then a pile of books come's tumbling off the shelves and almost hit Kaye in the head if she was two feet closer. "What the...?" She says. The boy stands up, and steps closer to Kaye....
    "I am so sorry, didn't mean for that to happen, I was angry..." he says apologetically, then starts to clean up the fallen books.
    " It wasn't your fault, they probably fell cause of a vibration on the floor or something there is no way you could have done that." Kaye spoke but then she allowed herself to think, was it possible?
    Kaye bends down to help the young man pick up the books.
    "So what is your name?" she asked.
    The boy looks at her and answered, " Milo... Milo O'Reily, you don't have to tell me yours I already know it... it is Kaye Theresa McKenzie."
    "You know my name?" Kaye placed her books in a pile and looked at the boy Milo,
    "I already knew your name, I told you I work for 'The Libarian'. "
    "Yes but what does that have to do with you knowing my name?" she asked
    " I will tell you that later, but for now you must leave and find your brothers and bring them here. There is something you need to see, and someone who is waiting for you." Milo smiled and picked up Kaye's pile of books, "Thanks for the help."
    And like that Kaye was back in her bedroom holding her other sneaker. She was in her room and the smell of eggs and toast filled the house.